All You Need to Know About Instagram Direct Messages

everything you need to know about instagram direct messages

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Instagram direct messages or commonly known as DMs are one of the most under-utilized features on Instagram. Although, direct messages have been on Instagram the whole time, but many users have probably never thought what they can do with this feature.

Like all other Instagram features, if you use direct messages in the right way and with suitable strategy, then they can make a positive impact on your account’s growth and engagement level.

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Wondering how to use Instagram direct messages to your advantage? Then you are at the right place!

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about Instagram direct messages – how to properly manage Instagram DMs without spending your whole day on the app and build strong relationships with your audience.

Let’s get started!

What are Instagram direct messages?

Before I dive into the reasons why it can be beneficial to use Instagram direct messages and the ways how to correctly implement them into your strategy, let’s first see what exactly Instagram direct messages mean. This can be useful especially for people who are new to Instagram.

Instagram direct messages are the messages that users may send to any desired Instagram account privately or in a group of up to 32 people. Instagram direct messages feature provides you with an opportunity to send not only plain texts, but also voice messages, images and videos.

As Instagram direct messages are private, it means that only message senders and receivers are able to view their content. All Instagram messages can be easily found in a DMs box at the top right corner of Instagram app.

While writing someone an Instagram direct message keep in mind that you can use up to 1000 characters.

When it comes to a number of direct messages Instagram allows its users to send per hour, day or month, there are no exact limits. To evaluate users’ performance Instagram applies a set of adjustments based on a variety of factors and none of them are published anywhere.

In order to avoid getting blocked on Instagram, social media studies state that if you have a trusted Instagram account, then you can send around 50-100 DMs per day. However, if your Instagram account is newly created, it is advised to send no more than 30 DMs per day.

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Why you should use Instagram direct messages?

Direct messages are more than just entertaining chats with friends. Believe me or not, but you as a brand can receive huge benefits from using Instagram direct messages.

Let’s see how implementation of DMs into your Instagram strategy can help you to grow your brand.

1. DMs build relationships

If someone takes their time to interact with you using direct messages, you should devote your time to respond back to them.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a question from your customer, new business opportunity, suggested partnership from other influencer or even just a lovely picture. Keep in mind that every message is equally important.

Communication with your Instagram audience through direct messages on different topics will make the bigger chances for you to establish much stronger relationships with users and, consequently, you will be able to increase your followers base.

2. DMs boost brand loyalty

Believe me or not, but usually Instagram direct message provides with more value rather than typing up an email.

As direct messages help you to give a quick and more personal customer support, by answering users’ questions you will have an opportunity to show that you care about your audience.

Besides, by using Instagram direct messages in order to thank someone for buying from you or even dissolve a dispute before it gets heated, you can create and boost your audience’s trust and loyalty.

3. DMs increase sales

Remember the main principle – people tend to buy from those brands they feel a connection with!

It means that if you want to encourage people to make a purchase and, consequently, increase sales, your task should be to interact with your audience through direct messages by providing them with assistance regarding their all questions.

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How you can manage Instagram direct messages: 5 Tips

1. Set tone for your direct messages

When it comes to Instagram direct messages, you need to ensure that the tone of your replies corresponds with your whole Instagram account’s aesthetic.

It doesn’t matter whether your tone is formal or friendly, it is very important to keep it consistent across all of your Instagram messages.

Even if you prefer to use more official tone in your Instagram messages, keep in mind that it is advised to insert Instagram DM features, such as GIFs and emojis. Why? Just because people like these trendy things!

In this way you will not only inject positive vibes into your messages, but will also be able to strengthen relationships with your audience.

2. Allocate the time every day to answer your DMs

Another essential rule regarding Instagram direct messages is that you shouldn’t leave your audience waiting months when you reply to their questions. What you need to do is to set aside time in your everyday schedule for reviewing your direct message inbox and replying to messages of your followers.

For instance, if you receive a question that you can’t answer to immediately, don’t worry, just write that you need to check some details and will get in touch with them as soon as possible.

Remember, people appreciate quick responses. By constantly interacting with your audience through direct messages, you will make them be patient knowing that their message has been read and their inquiry is being looked into.

3. Create Quick replies

If you are using Instagram direct messages as a customer support tool, then you have most likely noticed that a majority of your audience is regularly asking similar questions. Manually answering them every day can seem like a waste of time, especially when you need to respond to messages quickly.

However, there is a solution that can help you speed up the process! And it is an Instagram feature called “Quick replies”. This feature lets you create reply-messages for your most frequently asked questions and insert them into your answers once you need them.

In order to save some quick replies follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Instagram app settings.
  • Click on the “Business” section and choose the “Quick replies” option.
  • Press the “+” button in the upper-right corner to create a new quick reply.

When you want to use your created quick reply, all you have to do is to type the shortcut you wrote earlier in your response. This will cause the blue quick reply button to show up in your message box. Just press that button and the text message you saved earlier as your quick reply will automatically appear.

4. Apply the filter function to organize your DMs inbox

Do you have a huge amount of direct messages in your inbox? And don’t know which messages are answered and which ones are still unread?

Don’t worry, because Instagram provides with an opportunity to use the filter function in order to help brands to organize their messages and the time spent replying. However, it is important to mention that this useful function is only available on Business Instagram accounts.

You can find this filter on the top right corner of your DMs inbox.

Why the filter button is so great? It helps to arrange all of your messages in order of unread and flagged, and makes it easier to interact with your audience through direct messages.

5. Flag DMs that you can’t answer instantly

Sometimes it can happen that you get an Instagram message, the answer to which you do not know and need to check some details.

In order to not let these messages get lost in your inbox, it is advised to highlight them by clicking on a flag icon in the top right corner of the message. In this case, flag will be as a reminder to come back and answer it later.

Once you have responded to the highlighted message, don’t forget to remove the flag.

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Wrapping everything up, Instagram direct messages are a powerful way to create and maintain relationships with your audience, grow your brand and drive more sales. They are the feature that makes all the difference.

If you really want to build a stronger relationship with your followers, believe me that taking the time to manage your Instagram DMs will pay off.

What do you think about Instagram direct messages? Do you actively use them in your Instagram strategy? Please share your opinion in the comments below!

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