All You Need to Know About Facebook Hashtags

all you need to know about facebook hashtags

No matter if you are a marketer who is trying to promote the content organically or simply looking for growth of your posts’ engagement level, due to Facebook ever-changing algorithm, it is hard to make your content more visible and reachable.

Do you know what most of the marketers forget to use in order to boost their performance while operating on Facebook?

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The answer is hashtags.

If you are interested whether hashtags still play a crucial role on Facebook, the response is definitely “Yes”!

So, if you want to understand the importance of hashtags and learn how to use them effectively, then you have come to the right place.

Here is everything you should know about using hashtags on Facebook, including the reasons why you need to include them into your content and how to use them right.

But first, let’s take a look at what does a hashtag’s definition mean.

What is a Facebook hashtag?

Hashtag is a word or a phrase preceded by a hash symbol “#”. Actually, a hashtag is a label for content. It makes your content more shareable and discoverable. It helps other users who are interested in the particular topic to find relevant content easily and quickly.

Most people use them as a filter to find out posts that are related to certain topics.

Why you need to use hashtags on Facebook?

There are plenty of reasons why it is worth to insert hashtags into your Facebook content, however, I will present 3 that are the most important.

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1. Hashtags make your Facebook posts searchable

Search feature provided by Facebook isn’t so huge and popular comparing with Google. However, it will be a mistake if you ignore the power of being discovered through Facebook.

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s stop and think for a little bit. Now recall the moment of how many times you use Facebook search in order to find the brand’s page, your new work colleague or a hashtags you have noticed in a marketing campaign’s poster?

I suppose that your answer can be “sometimes”. In this case, don’t doubt that your target audience who is on Facebook does the same.

In this case, using hashtags, you will make your Facebook posts visible to other users, which means that you will get in front of the huge audience and consequently it will boost your organic reach.

Hashtags are considered as a powerful element of your marketing strategy, because they make your Facebook content catchy, encouraging the audience to interact with your posts.

According to social media studies, posts that include hashtags receive 12.6% higher engagement level than those without hashtags.

However, you have to keep in mind that hashtags should be relevant to content you post. For instance, you are writing a post about marketing event “Social media fest 2020”, then as the main hashtag pick #SocialMediaFest2020. Using this hashtag in all relevant Facebook posts, you will direct the users who are searching for the hashtag to your content, even if they are not following your Facebook page.

What is more, don’t forget about location-specific hashtags. They assist you in making your Facebook posts noticeable to users, while you are trying to increase your content’s engagement level.

According to social media analyses, location-based hashtags provide you with more likes, comments and shares. Why? It is straightforward. When Facebook users are looking for location-specific hashtags, it means that they are more likely to be interested in the discussed topic.

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2. Create a Facebook community

If you advertise your Facebook content using hashtags, so why not to inspire your audience to do the same? It should not only help you to increase your brand awareness by showing your Facebook posts to a bigger audience, but also give you an opportunity to build and maintain a loyal target audience’s community of your brand.

For example, let’s assume that you are a social media company called “Marketing Pro” which wants to build its own community through Facebook hashtags. In this case, you can upload a video with tips of building the outstanding Facebook page, include the hashtag like #MarketingProTip and ask your audience to share their best strategies applying the same hashtag.

You probably want to know what will happen next? Well, you will build an engaged group of users who have responded to your hashtag campaign on Facebook and now dominate the #MarketingProTip hashtag feed.

When the audience notices what value you are providing in order to help to improve their Facebook page’s reach, they will get more involved in engaging with your hashtag campaign. Moreover, these Facebook users who have interacted with your brand at least once are more likely to generate traffic to your website and increase sales. In this way, your time and effort in building a community will be rewarded.

If you want to receive more successful performance results in the future, then it is advised to use the hashtag you have created for your content promotion while building a Facebook community. People will easily recognize your brand and most probably will be more engaged with your new posts.

3. Ensure consistency of your multi-channel campaigns

Do you use other social media channels, such as Instagram, Twitter or email marketing in order to make your brand noticed by a bigger audience? If yes, then hashtags should work perfectly here.

However, you shouldn’t limit your hashtag usage to one attempt to communicate with your target audience. Apply the particular hashtag, for example, in your Facebook posts, Instagram image captions, Twitter tweets, etc. to make your multi-channel campaigns consistent.

Instead of pushing your audience to go to Twitter, it is advised to write the Facebook post in order to accompany your multi-channel campaign and grasp the Facebook users who were using your hashtags while searching.

Perfect example is the Coca-Cola company, which uses #ShareaCoke hashtag to promote its campaign across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram.

By using this marketing campaign, Coca-Cola encourages its audience to find bottles with notes that held personal meaning, share it with friends and family and write a post on social media platforms about their experiences, using the hashtag #ShareaCoke. In this way, brand induces people to discuss about its product over all social media platforms and consequently increase its awareness.

Overall, by using a catchy and easy to remember hashtag on your Facebook posts you can not only create a strong multi-channel campaign, but also encourage audience to become your customers.

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What hashtags to use?

Finding the perfect hashtags for your Facebook posts is not as simple as can be seen at the first sight.

Before using random hashtags that come into your mind while you are thinking about your Facebook content, it is recommended to understand the best practices.

Let’s take a moment to dive into the tips how a hashtag should look like. Here are 4 main recommendations.

1. Keep it brief but unique

Probably you understand that if your hashtag is extremely long and consists of several words, it will be a problem for your Facebook audience to perceive what you want to say by your message and re-share it in their posts.

There is a good rule for hashtag length: less is more. So, try to add short and unique hashtags in your Facebook posts and you will notice that your content stands out from a million of other posts on Facebook.

2. Provoke emotions

Another tactic which is advised to implement while you are thinking about what hashtag to use is to tug your audience’s heartstrings. It means that you need to make Facebook users smile, laugh, cry or even get them angry by adding the specific hashtag.

This type of hashtag should generate you a big amount of likes, comments on your post and probably shares, in other words, increase engagement level.

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3. Make it funny

Hashtags that are not only well constructed but funny as well, boost your chances to grab Facebook users’ attention and encourage them to interact with your content.

4. Keep it relevant

Many Facebook users skip searching for the existing hashtags their followers are already using and come up with their own tags. However, how in this case you can expect your Facebook target audience to be a part of your conversation?

Keeping Facebook hashtags based on your brand, its products or even business field is considered as the best choice. Furthermore, finding and applying the hashtags your audience is using helps to build connections with your brand trough social media.

In conclusion, hashtags are a powerful Facebook tool. If you decided to start adding hashtags into your Facebook posts after today’s discussion, congratulations! It means you are already halfway to receive better results of your Facebook posts performance.

However, in order to get most out of Facebook hashtags, make sure you are using them correctly. Now, I believe that you have complete knowledge about hashtags. Don’t wait, go and integrate them into your Facebook content.

If you want to leave your thoughts about Facebook hashtags, drop a line in the comments’ box below.

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