8 Twitter Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

twitter tricks

Twitter is a huge social media platform with over 300 million users every month! It is a great platform to promote your business or just run your personal page.

But the question is – do you use Twitter to it’s full potential? I guess not, because there are a lot of Twitter tricks & hacks that you didn’t know about! By knowing these Twitter tricks you will immediately become a pro tweeter.

1. Increase the 280-character limit

Have you ever been in a situation when you couldn’t express your thought in Twitter within a 280-character text? Unfortunately, you cannot just go to Twitter settings and press “Increase 280-character tweet limit” button.

But you can beat the 280-character tweet limit by uploading photo with a text in it! You can just write a note on your smartphone and take a screenshot of it. This Twitter trick is simple but very useful.

Here’s an example from “Winn-Dixie” Twitter account:

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2. Use tweet threading

If you have a tweet that was posted earlier but want people to see it again, then you can bump it up. Just use threading function and reply to your own post, then your older post will be seen with the new one.

Threading can also be used to beat Twitter’s 280-character text limit that has been mentioned before.

You can use threading function if you would like to just mention your previous tweet too. To post threaded tweet, you need to click “Reply” on your previous post but delete your @username from it. Simple as that.

Also, you can retweet your posts to renew their visibility. But don’t forget to only retweet the content that is actual at that moment, don’t just retweet all of your posts!

3. Upload multiple images

As you probably know visual content gets the most engagement, so are tweets with images in it. What if I told you that you can upload multiple images in one twitter post? That’s right! You would get even more engagement. Twitter allows to upload up to 4 images per tweet.

Since it would improve your organic reach and engagement, you should definitely consider using this Twitter trick and upload more than one picture to your tweet on occasion.

4. Use keyboard shortcuts

Are you tired of scrolling up and down and clicking various buttons? Now, here’s the real Twitter trick that every pro tweeter should know and use.

That’s right, it’s keyboard shortcuts. While memorizing and learning all the keyboard shortcuts can take some time, eventually it will save your time in the long run. Tweeter has a lot of shortcuts that you can use to make your tweeting life easier!

To open up a keyboard shortcuts command panel (cheat-sheet), just press the “?” on your keyboard while being on Twitter page and the keyboard will pop up.

Take a look at the Twitter keyboard shortcuts below.

5. Twitter advanced search

If you are looking for something and get too many results, consider using Twitter’s advanced search. Then you will definitely find what you are looking for. By using advanced search you will be able to use filter by hashtags, phrases, locations, dates and so on. That’s a great feature that you should use.

Also, one helpful tip for using Twitter search would be to search tweets without links. You know that a lot of people use Twitter to promote their products or just attract visitors to their websites, right? So, if you would like to see only the “real/quality” posts without any promotion and links to the websites, just add “-http” after your search query.

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6. Know the best time to tweet

Imagine that you just wrote ideal tweet message with ideal image attached to it, but you publish it at 4 AM… when everyone is sleeping. This tweet wouldn’t get much response and engagement even though that is unique tweet. That’s because you are posting it at wrong time.

To get the most response and to increase the possibility for your tweets to reach as much users as possible, you need to know the best time to tweet your posts.

Would you like to find out the best time tweet? According to many researches done by marketing experts, the best time to tweet on Twitter is considered 9 AM and 3 PM. At this time most people are online so the reach of those posts is better. So, next time try to upload your posts at around 9 AM or 3 PM.

You can check your own statistics by pressing Twitter Analytics tab and learning when your followers are most active.

If you are unable to post a tweet at that time, you can use third party apps and schedule your posts to be automatically uploaded at certain time.

7. Use the right hashtags

Many users add hashtags to their tweets without much of thinking why they are doing it. You need to do the research first and only then add the quality hashtags. In general, hashtags should tell people what topic you are talking about.

Please note that you shouldn’t use so many hashtags as you use in Instagram. If you are one from those guys whom hashtags have more characters than the original tweet, then you are doing it wrong. You should mainly specify only one best fitting hashtag for that specific tweet.

Marketing researchers say that tweets are performing the best when there are 1 – 3 hashtags in a tweet. Anything more can be considered as a spam by Twitter and can get less organic reach.

8. Pin a tweet

Statistics say that tweet reaches half of his full potential just after around 30 minutes of posting. Tweet gets the other half of it’s full reach within the next few days. If you would like to extend your post’s lifetime and potentially get more organic reach, consider pinning your tweet to the top of your feed.

To pin your post to the top, you just need to click “^” at the right upper corner of the tweet and select “Pin to your profile”. That’s it! Now the first thing that a new visitor see will be your pinned post.

Are you aware of any other Twitter tricks & hacks? Let us know if the comments field below!

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