8 Facebook Tricks & Hacks Only Power Users Know

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Facebook is a giant social media platform. Facebook has a lot of features such as uploading posts, sharing pictures, contacting friends via messenger. We all know that. However, even if you were using Facebook for 10 years, you may still not know all the features Facebook has.

If you would like enhance your Facebook experience, then stay with us and check out these 8 Facebook tricks & hacks that will make you life on Facebook easier!

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1. Hide your last name

Have you ever seen a Facebook user with only the first name displayed? Now we will reveal how you can do this too! This option is set to be available only for Indonesians, but we will explain how you can do this from anywhere in the world. You’ll need to trick Facebook into believing that you are Indonesian for a moment.

There are several methods how to do this, but here’s one that is the easiest and is 100% working. To make a single named Facebook account you need to use Facebook via mobile phone’s Chrome browser.

  1. Go to the Facebook mobile website (https://m.facebook.com).
  2. Login to your Facebook account if you haven’t already, then scroll down and click on “Settings & Privacy”.
  3. Find the “Language” option, click on it and then press on “Show Facebook in this language”.
  4. Select “Tamil” language. Note, now you will temporary see text in Tamil language, so our suggestion would be to use Chrome Browser as it may automatically translate text to English.
  5. Once selected “Tamil” language, go back to “Settings & Privacy”, click on “General” tab, and select “Name”. Then delete your Last name from there (leave it empty).
  6. After settings have been saved, go to “Show Facebook in this language” tab again and revert it back to English. Now it’s done!

2. Disable “Seen” timestamps

Whenever you read a message it will be marked with “seen” timestamp. It will come up with a time when the message was seen. We know that sometimes you don’t want the other person to see that you have already read the message, as it may look rude that you didn’t respond. This Facebook trick is very handy for everyone!

Although you can’t disable this timestamp in Facebook’s settings, you can still do it by using third-party apps. If you are using Chrome browser, just download “Unseen for Facebook” extension, install it and turn it on. That’s it, now your friends will never see that you have read a message.

3. Find the hidden message requests folder

There is no secret that Facebook has a lot of users. Facebook always tries to save users from any kind of spam, that’s why there is a special folder for messages from unknowns. If someone (not your friend) messages you through Facebook, that message will go directly to “Message Requests” folder.

Many users don’t know about this folder as it is not so easy to find. If you have been using Facebook for a long time but haven’t checked this folder yet, then prepare to find a lot of unread messages there.

To find this folder, go to your Facebook profile, click on the messages/Messenger icon. Now you see the recent messages, but check the right tab “Message requests” next to the “Recent” tab. Now you see how many messages didn’t go through Facebook’s spam filter.

4. Turn off birthday notifications

Are you tired of birthday notifications that you get every morning? Every Facebook user gets that kind of notifications by default. It can drive you mad if you have 1000’s of friends on Facebook.

Good news is that you can easily disable those notifications. Just go to your Facebook profile, click on “Settings” and go to “Notifications” tab. From there, find “Birthdays” and just turn it off. Here you go!

Just make sure not to miss your closest friends’ birthdays!

5. Save posts for later

Sometimes it happens that you are scrolling down the Facebook feed and find some interesting posts to read. Unfortunately, currently you don’t have time to read them… What do you do? There is a simple solution to this, just save post for later reading.

You can do that by just clicking the “3-dot” button in the post’s right upper corner, then from the drop-down menu click “Save post”. Now this post will appear in your saved posts archive, which you can find in the left of your feed under “Explore” section, “Saved” tab. Cheers!

6. Add extra security

Extra security is always a good choice. Someone can steal your identity and make you some serious trouble. To avoid being hacked in Facebook and make your account ultra-secure, you can do the following. Just go to your Facebook profile, then click on “Settings” and find “Security and Login” tab.

There you will be able to choose to get alerts about unrecognized logins to your account. For example, if someone will try to login to your account from another device or will try to guess your password, you will be informed immediately.

Also consider setting up a two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is a very useful tool because if someone (or even you) would try to access your account from another country, another device or another browser, they would need to enter the security code sent to your mobile phone.

7. Turn off auto-play for videos

Have you ever noticed that when you are scrolling down the feed the videos start to play automatically? Sometimes you thank god that they are at least muted by default, right?

Here is the good news for you, you can turn off video auto-play function. Just go to your Facebook profile, click on “Settings”, find the “Videos” tab and choose “Off” on “Auto-play videos”.

8. Use secret emojis

Did you know that emojis increase user engagement? That’s because people always notice visual content better than just plain text. To make your Facebook posts more attractive and increase the organic reach, don’t forget to use emojis! Facebook emojis are available for Facebook website users, Messenger for web and Messenger for android users. But not all emojis are available for regular users.

So here’s the trick – you can write some secret symbols and emojis will appear! Just write these shortcut symbols and Facebook will automatically convert them into secret emojis:

 (^^^) = a white shark

:|] = a robot

<(“) = a penguin

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If you would like to view a full list of regular emojis, just click on a smile “Choose an Emoji” icon in chat’s lower menu.

I hope that you’ll find these tricks and hacks useful. If you know any other useful tricks that were not mentioned in this article, then comment below!

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