7 Ways to Get More Traffic From Instagram

7 Ways to Get More Traffic From Instagram

Probably you known that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms which helps your brand or just your personality to become noticeable.

If you have an Instagram account but face some problems in driving traffic to your website from it, don’t hesitate, this article is for you. The main thing on which you should concentrate is to grasp more and more visitors to your website every day.

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And here you will find seven effective ways to drive more traffic with Instagram.

1. The link in bio

The easiest way to get more traffic to your website from Instagram is by adding the link into your bio. The link is used in order to send users directly to your website. Don’t forget that you can change the link to any page of your website and also it is better to add shortened link. You can easily shorten it using bit.ly or other online programs.

What is more, it isn’t enough to add the link in your bio, however it is suggested in order to drive more visitors to the website to use a call-to-action in Instagram posts’ captions. This method encourages people to click the link in bio.

What you need to do is under uploaded Instagram photo write some story which tells users to go to your bio section and click on the link. For instance, “click the link in bio to get more information about this product and get 10% discount”.

Just be creative and let people know how they can get to your website. In practice this method has already shown the positive results in getting traffic to pages.

2. Hashtags

Many social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram has a function of hashtags which is popular among users in organizing their photos. Likely you have already noticed that hashtags make a photo more searchable by people who don’t necessarily are your followers and in this case you gain exposure and increase Instagram engagement.

Although there are a lot of popular hashtags but it is recommended to find hashtags that are more relevant to your business industry and match your brand. Don’t use too many, 5-10 hashtags per photo is the best choice, otherwise people can think this is a spam.

Although hashtags’ research takes a lot of time and often marketers just skip it, but it is very important in order to get organic Instagram growth and probably turn these followers into your customers.

3. Exclusive content

Using Instagram as one of your brand’s social media platforms, you are advised to share images and videos that followers may only find on Instagram.

You can show them videos where you answer frequently asked questions, organize some content or even show some your brand’s products and recommend to visit your website for more detailed information.

In order to cause audience’s curiosity, upload photos where products are shown in combination with other, use filters, put various phrases about discounts, tips and link it back to your website. And don’t forget that people need a reason to follow you on Instagram and only after that they eill be interested in clicking and checking your website.

4. Live stream collaboration

Go live with your Instagram audience is a great opportunity to draw and hold their attention because people are so curious to see what happens right now. Furthermore, during the live streaming people can ask question and get answers quickly without waiting. 

More traditional method is when companies go live to show and tell their followers about the products, however there are some brands which use live stream collaboration with influencers. Remember that it’s a really good way to easily catch followers’ attention and interest in your brand.

For instance, you can collaborate with Instagram influencers who will show your brand during live stream. Probably you may ask – how it works? It is simple, you just need to create the shoppable tags with description and price on the images of influencer. That’s it.

5. Giveaways

Let’s be honest, everyone likes to try new and especially lesser-known brands for free. Providing an opportunity of giveaway is a great method to build your brand’s awareness and push people to go to your website.

If you want to draw attention of more people, you can ask influencer to encourage his/her followers to take a part in a contest and win prizes. Most influencers like giveaways because it helps them not only to increase their Instagram engagement but also to have more influence on their followers’ choices, point of view without spending a lot of time and effort.

However don’t forget that giveaways allow to get more traffic to your website. So, you may write all rules of giveaway’s content on your website and ask influencer to put the link in their Instagram bio.

If you are interested in organizing a giveaway, check out our another blog post called “Benefits of Running Social Media Contests on Instagram” about the giveaway’s benefits & tips how to properly organize it to get the best results.

6. Swipe up to see more on Instagram stories

While simple Instagram posts aren’t linkable, Instagram stories have this function and it is great. One difficulty can be that you must have a verified account (check out our blog post “Tips on How to get Blue Verification Mark on Instagram”). However, you don’t need to have a huge number of followers.

So, when you put a link on your story, in the bottom of the picture “See More” with arrow appears. If you push this arrow up, the website which you added will be opened and followers can easily check your page.

7. Big picture’s strategy

Like on other social media platforms, if you don’t have a strategy on Instagram, you won’t get a huge number of leads, nor will you feel success.

Remember, when you are doing marketing on Instagram, you need to use as it is called “Big picture strategy”. It means that you should think about overall strategy (actions) in order to get more traffic on Instagram.

First of all, you should know your analytics and what works for your audience. For this reason you can download an app, for instance Iconosquare, which works as analytical tool.

Secondly, you should understand who your audience is, why they are on Instagram (their needs, wants) and what is yours purpose to be on Instagram. After you figure out all these things, you need to decide what you will post, whether it will be videos or photos, more about description of your product or advices (tips) how it can be useful in people’s life.

What is more, you need to take into consideration frequency of uploading posts. Before that it is advisable to learn the most suitable time to post on Instagram so you will be able to reach the highest engagement of your followers.

Also it is important to think about attractive captions, in order to encourage followers to click on the link of you website.

Try to follow these tips in organizing your Instagram strategy and you will notice the success!

All tips considered, remember that Instagram as all other social media platforms works perfectly if you use “Big picture” marketing strategy. Only then it helps in brand awareness and increase of engagement. Without any doubts we can say that you can drive the traffic to your website and you should do it using Instagram.

However it shouldn’t be your only goal. If you focus so much on promotion and driving traffic to your website, in this case you risk of losing your current followers.

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