7 Tips to Create YouTube Video Titles That Attract Views

youtube video titles

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Creating and posting an informative and entertaining video for your channel is just a first step towards a successful YouTube performance.

In order to make sure that as big audience as possible finds and views your video, your task is to write a great title, which will be compelling and at the same time boost search rankings of your video.

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Here are 7 best practices for creating successful YouTube titles.

1. Keep it short

While writing YouTube video title, keep in mind that when your video title line appears in the search results, Google shortens it somewhere to around 66 characters. If you create a too long title, you will notice only an extract of it which the main point is difficult to understand.

Furthermore, when YouTube started automatically add a word “YouTube” to the beginning of view page’s bottom line tag, it can be seen that around 10 characters more are cut off.

Why does this matter, you probably ask?

Actually, the answer is simple. As your target audience is not able to read a whole video title, it will make people feel confused or they will find it impossible to understand what your video is about. Consequently, viewers will not be compelled to click on your YouTube video.

As it was mentioned before, the contemporary audience quickly loses attention when something doesn’t seem intriguing to them and cannot comply with their needs. According to recent studies, now people have an attention span of only 8 seconds, so seek to shorten your video title and tell all significant and informative things in the first seconds of your YouTube video as well.

2. Include keywords

Video title has a powerful SEO value because it helps people to find your YouTube video in the search results. Due to this fact, don’t forget to fill up the video title with the keywords that your target audience are probably going to type in search while looking for the video.

Although most of you know about the autocomplete function suggested by Google and usually this helps you to move in the right direction. However, when it comes to YouTube video title, autocomplete recommendation is not a very good idea.

A really optimized YouTube video title should include the several key search terms and precisely describe your video’s content.

In order to choose keywords that are more relevant to your niche, conduct a research before writing a title. In this case, use online keywords tools, like AdWords or Wordtracker to figure out what the most popular keywords are used by people while searching for specific topics’ videos.

3. Include the word “video”

Likely you don’t know this, however, when people search for a particular video on Google, they often write the word “video” in the search engine.

Including this word into the title of your YouTube video extremely boosts your channel’s views when a person’s search window contains “video” word. For example, if the topics of your video are about marketing promotion, then try the title “Video of marketing promotion techniques”.

However, this tactic works powerfully only when people write this word in other search engines, such as Google or Bing, because those, who are already on YouTube platform, they will never use the word “video”.

4. Be descriptive

When you see a phrase ‘be descriptive”, it doesn’t mean that you should create and write a long title which will be similar to video description. It would be ridiculous.

Even it looks like a no-brainer, but sadly, it is the most common mistake which users make while uploading video on YouTube. Have you ever noticed the videos that were entitled “Awesome tips!”, “WOW” or “What?” These creative and at the same time mysterious titles are understandable because users who posted this, were excited about their video. However, while thinking about what title to write in order to shortly tell the main point of YouTube video, clear your head of all those crazy ideas.

Remember that your target audience will have no idea what your video is about. The only thing, which will help to make a decision whether it is worth clicking on it or not, is your video title.

While writing a title, make it as a short summary of what your YouTube video is about. For instance, don’t just write “social media strategies”, but name it as “Guide of social media strategies for beginners”. In this case, you will keep the video title catchy, engaging and descriptive, and also show people what exactly your video is about and who is its’ audience.

5. Use numbers

Yes, the numbers or more specifically the digits add a specific character to your YouTube video title. In this way, try to avoid writing “ten strategies”, instead of this use “10 strategies”. This tactic not only gives you more space in the video title, however, while using the number you may boost your video clicks remarkably.

Why this happens?

Well, this strategy allows your target audience to get the clear expectations, as they will know what to await in your video. Furthermore, this provides value because the users know what and in which quantity they are going to get.

6. Don’t ask questions

Comparing with other titles that can be found on social media platforms, YouTube video titles that are formulated as a question show worse performance, than titles without a question. According to social media analyses, YouTube video’s titles containing a question have 24% lower performance. In this case, it is advised not to write titles with question marks.

7. Measure efficiency

metrics of youtube analytics

If you believe that your YouTube video is informative with the engaging title and description, however, the performance results show a completely different situation, then use YouTube Analytics in order to find out how effective your video title is.

Remember that if according to the performance insights you identify what exactly should be improved, you can always re-edit your video title.

The main metric, which you can track in order to understand your performance success, is audience’s retention. Check the first 15 seconds of the retention graph and if you notice the decrease, then react. An unexpected drop during the initial seconds of your video will probably show that your video title didn’t meet expectations of your target audience.

It means that when your audience read video title, they expected for one thing, but after clicking on your video, they received different information.

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Wrapping everything up, enhancing YouTube video title is a great way to increase your video’s visibility. Titles play the key role in inducing the audience to click on your video.

Creation of a powerful YouTube title needs brainstorming and a lot of patience. It is like an action of balancing. Everything should be at the right place, and only then your title will bring you success. So, try to implement the strategies described above and you will notice better results of your performance.

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