7 Reasons Why You Should Host a Twitter Chat

should you host twitter chat

Nowadays more and more brands realize the power of Twitter chats for engaging with their audience.

Starting from boosting the reach of a content and ending with building a strong relationship with an audience – actually, it is a minority of advantages that Twitter chats provide you with. They help you in much more ways than you can even imagine.

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However, if you are still doubting whether it is beneficial for your brand to host a Twitter chat or not & still asking yourself wouldn’t a Twitter chat be just a waste of time – then you came to the right place.

In today’s article 7 reasons why you should host a Twitter chat will be reviewed.

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Let’s dive right into it!

1. It lets you to engage with your audience

Twitter chats are all about engaging and socializing with various experts, influencers as well as your audience. These conversations provides you with a chance to market your brand and improve your knowledge by being in the center of all changes that happen in your business field. 

If you want to build the new connections and gain trustworthiness of your brand, then the first thing which you need to do is start interacting with your audience, asking them questions, responding to their expressed thoughts. In order words, you should organize active conversations with your audience in Twitter chats. 

If you think that this requires a lot of your time, you are wrong! The simple comments, such as “I agree”, “Thank you for your opinion” will be the useful in order to show your audience that you value their viewpoints left in a Twitter chat. However, if you write broader responses to your followers’ thoughts, that, of course, will bring you more results.

2. It helps to increase your brand awareness

how to host successful twitter chat

If you are new to Twitter, then undoubtedly chats are considered as a great way to get your brand’s name out there.

Why? Just because running Twitter chats is a very cost-effective opportunity to create a buzz around your brand and boost its’ awareness. What is more, Twitter chats are open to public, so everyone can participate in a discussion and interact with your brand.

When you host a Twitter chat, your brand can be mentioned and retweeted by your followers a few times during a chat. Consequently, what your followers retweet will be noticed by their audience and in this way your brand most likely will evoke an interest of those other users.

The bigger amount of people see your brand, the more chances that these people will remember your brand in the future.

Sounds great, isn’t it?

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3. It assists you in growing your following

Show me someone who doesn’t want to get more Twitter followers?

Twitter chats are the easiest way to increase amount of your followers. This happens because Twitter chats are open space for discussion with potential followers or even customers. By connecting people through their common interests, you will be able to create an engaged and loyal followers’ base on Twitter.

What is more, when you pick the appealing topics for your Twitter chats and show your knowledge and experience during conversations with your audience, then it is most likely that you will attract people’s attention and encourage them to follow you.

4. It lets you to “humanize” your brand

How often do you see a situation when brands start a conversation with their audience under their tweets on the specific subjects? Most probably, not often. However, why? Because it is inconvenient.

In this case, it is advised to use Twitter chats to do it, since they provide you with an opportunity to easily engage with your followers. While interacting with your Twitter audience always ask for their opinion on different informative and entertaining topics, listen to what they say and don’t forget to respond.

Therefore, you will not only show that you care about your followers, but you will also build a strong relationship with your audience and “humanize” your brand.

5. It provides an opportunity to learn new things

There is no better place to connect with various experts in your industry than a Twitter chat.

Twitter chats provide you with an opportunity to receive information on different topics from the people who are the true professionals in their fields. In this case, if you notice that you lack of some knowledge, don’t hesitate in running a Twitter chat, during which you will be able to discuss the topics with people who are experienced in it.

In order to stay up to date, be informed about the latest trends and the best approaches in your business area, it is advised to host a Twitter chat.

Overall, a Twitter chat is powerful method to stay constantly relevant.

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6. It is a great way to listen

Undoubtedly, your brand is constantly uploading engaging and informative tweets. However, sometimes it is usefully not to pay all your attention on creating Twitter posts and better to step aside and listen to your audience.

Since Twitter lets you organize conversation’s space where your audience can express their opinion and present their experience with your brand, so take this opportunity and host a Twitter chat.

Twitter chats allow your audience say everything what they think about your brand, so listen & understand what your target audience wants from your brand and consider possible improvements in the future.

7. It helps to receive audience’s feedback

Many of you will probably agree with me that online contact forms which are provided on brands’ websites don’t seem very appealing.

Nowadays customers prefer using another methods to leave their feedback about brands. And a Twitter chat isn’t an exception, customers like to start discussions on Twitter chats because they look like conversational place for them.

Twitter chats are considered as a powerful way to receive customers’ comments about a brand, especially if brand is in a growth stage.

So, upload the questions about what exactly you want to know from your audience and you will get feedback immediately.

How fast? Actually, not more than one minute. If you don’t believe me, then try it yourself and you will notice how engaged and fast people are while they participate in Twitter chats.

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Wrapping everything up, running a Twitter chat is very useful to every brand. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a small or huge brand that has already received its’ credibility. Twitter chats help to reach a bigger audience and encourage audience to engage.

Now as you know the benefits of hosting a Twitter chat, it’s time to make an effort and organize your own.

If you have hosted a Twitter chat earlier and want to share your experience with me, then feel free to drop a line in the comments’ section below!

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