7 Most Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

7 most common facebook marketing mistakes to avoid

Is the reach of your Facebook page going down? Is your Facebook audience no longer engaging? Or maybe you think that running a Facebook page is not worth it anymore?

Not so fast. Better try to find out what the problem is.

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Actually, anyone can create a Facebook page, but the challenge is getting it to work for your brand and avoiding mistakes that so many brands typically make.

Because these mistakes only negatively influence on engagement level of your page and leads to losing the followers you have worked hard for.

So, keep reading further and you will discover the 7 most common marketing mistakes on Facebook that you need to avoid in order to keep your followers engaged and keep your Facebook page growing.

1. Inconsistent posting

Imagine the situation when a customer support consultant is calling you 5 times or even more throughout the day. Even if the purpose of a consultant’s call is different each time, however, you will become irritated and start to ignore these calls.

The same happens with inconsistent posting on your Facebook page.

If you are uploading content too often, then you risk over-saturation and, accordingly, annoying your Facebook audience to the point that they will start to unlike your brand.

On the other hand, if you rarely get in front of your followers, in this case, there is a chance that people will feel not so valuable to your brand and just forget it. 

Therefore, both strategies may cause negative outcomes.

As there is no one-size-fits-all formula, when it comes to posting frequency, brands should consistently upload their posts on Facebook to keep their followers engaged. In this case, it is recommended to start using schedulers in order to post at least once a day. Consequently, you will maintain activity of your Facebook page and constantly remind about your brand.

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2. Predictable content

In overly saturated social media world, you need to devote a lot of efforts in order to evoke and keep the interest of your Facebook audience.

And most likely the last thing what you want to do is to become predictable and boring.

In this case, it is advised not to bomb your followers with the same posts where you show your brand’s products or services. Instead, try to vary the type of content you upload on your Facebook page. So, publish an informative article today, another day upload a catchy video tutorial related to your brand’s industry or organize a quiz with an opportunity to win a prize.

Try to share variety of different types of content, this will entertain your audience more and increase the engagement level.

3. Uploading low quality images

Every great Facebook post includes an image. Nowadays, images became more effective comparing with texts to catch audience’s attention while they are scrolling their newsfeeds.

However, what a waste if you upload a low quality picture.

That’s why it is advised to take time and use image editing apps to make your pictures look attractive and improve the quality of your posts. Moreover, it is important not to forget to insert your brand’s logo.

Why? Just because if images of your posts aren’t branded, then you are missing out a chance to boost your brand awareness.

Overall, invest your time and efforts in creating quality images and you will notice improvements.

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4. Selling too much on your page

the best facebook posting frequency

What is the number one purpose of social media, in this case, Facebook? You are right, to help people socialize.

Facebook is the place where users come to be entertained, inspired or just to interact with other users. So, the last thing what your Facebook followers would like to see is a flow of ads when they check their newsfeeds.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t promote your brand on Facebook. You can do it, but you need to find creative ways to market your brand’s products and services in order to evoke audience’s interest and provide value for them.

For instance, you can add a discount coupon code in your Facebook post. In this case, you will allow your followers feel special because they received exclusive offer and, consequently, you will boost sales of your brand’s products or services.

All in all, it is advised to follow the golden Pareto principle (80/20) which says that in order to receive more successful results, your advertising posts shouldn’t exceed 20% of all your other content. 

5. One-way engagement

Are you listening to the opinion of your Facebook audience? Do you answer to the comments of your fans?

Actually, one of the biggest mistakes you can make on Facebook is one-way engagement. In other words, it happens when your followers interact with your brand, however, don’t receive answers on their comments.

Consequently, it causes your audience’s disappointment, decreases engagement level and ruins relationships with your followers.

It is important to keep an eye on followers’ interactions on your Facebook page and don’t leave them without any feedback. In this case, answer your audience’s comments, share their produced content about your brand, keep track of your inbox and make your fans feel valued by your brand.

What is more, in order to induce your followers to engage with your content, it is advised to create and publish posts that are catchy and open to discussions. For example, you can create a post where you insert a poll or just ask an open-ended question.

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6. Using multiple links

Believe it or not, there are lots of brands that upload posts with too many links.

And this is actually a big mistake because by providing your audience with more than one call-to-action, you make them feel confused and influence on a decrease of your posts’ click-through rate.

While uploading posts on your Facebook page, don’t add more than one link. In this case, it will be clear for your audience what should they pay attention to and what you want them to do. 

7. Ignoring Facebook Insights

how to analyze facebook group insights

Have you heard that Facebook gives you an opportunity to use various insights and statistics about your performance? Or maybe you are already using Facebook Insights?

If your answer is no, then you are missing a lot. Because by using Facebook Insights you can easily figure out how your followers react and when they interact with your content.

For instance, you have a chance to understand what percentage of your audience (women or men) is engaging with your content on which days of the week and at what time. Having these accurate statistics and adapting them into your Facebook marketing strategy, you will receive the most out of your efforts.

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Taking everything into consideration, these 7 marketing mistakes were presented in order to help you to understand and avoid them while posting on your Facebook Page.

Now you are fully equipped to keep away from these mistakes and receive excellent results from growing your Facebook page.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to write them in the comments below!

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