7 Best Ways to get more Followers on Twitter

To begin with, almost everyone know that Twitter is a really effective tool which is used for business when it is applied correctly. Twitter account may help to generate leads, make connections with the prospects or even strengthen your brand. However if you have no followers on Twitter, there problem can arise and you will not get all the benefits which Twitter provides.

According to the Media Post magazine’s 2016 statistics it is known that 78% of people use Twitter as a marketing tool and 62% use in order to build relationships and gain the customers. In this case you can notice that Twitter isn’t just for fun or fame and the Twitter followers aren’t only numbers, but followers provide real value for your business.

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In this article you can find some useful ways what you can do in order to get more followers on Twitter. So, let’s go deep and analyze them!

1. Share impressive content

The most common mistake which the bigger part of brands does is sharing the wrong content. To upload the best quality content is significant for social media marketing. Just think, if you are not posting something that is worthy to look or read, then why other users should want to follow you?
In the beginning you should determine what your target group is on Twitter and what they are interested in. The simple way is to look what your competitors is sharing and who is following them. Just find the three strongest competitors who have an active Twitter account with billions of followers. What is more, it is useful to look what your competitors’ past Tweets was. Also pay attention to the competitors’ Tweets which get high engagement. Looking what your competitors do, remember the type of content (video, photo or a link), engagement type (how many likes, comments and Retweets the posts have) and time of Tweets.

Your task is not just understand what works but why it is effective. For example, if you know popular Tweets are uploaded, provides you with information when your target audience is most likely to be engaged.

2. Be ready to make connections

One of the easiest ways to get more followers on Twitter is building relationships with other users. It only requires your devoted time and efforts. In order to find more users which you can follow by manually searching on Twitter or using a toll, such as BuzzSumo. Don’t forget to put users to a private Twitter list. The Twitter list puts every user’s latest Tweets in a single stream and in this case you haven’t to go to all individual profiles. When you have the Twitter list, it is a right time to make connections. Devote at least from 30 minutes to 1 hour per day to engaging with a new Twitter users. In order to get them notice you, you should like their Tweets, reply or even Retweet.

What is more, you should understand that engagement isn’t one time action because if you like user’s tweet but lately you don’t communicate with them, it will not have a big impact on followers grow. Your aim should be to build strong connections with other and only then they will remember you.

Besides, it can be a little bit hard to remember who you were connecting in the past, however there is Sprout Social (social media management software) which helps to track Twitter conversation history with users, so in this case you will know with who you made connections. Don’t turn connections making to-do task, but make it as a part of your social media marketing strategy. Over time you should notice that Twitter followers are growing.

3. Promote Twitter profile

Whether you want to get media mentions or do blogging, the first thing you will do is promotion of the website. It is a good habit since the backlinks helps the SEO and organize more traffic to the website. If your aim is to get more followers, think about linking to The Twitter profile.

It is known that there is a lot of websites which allow to include a link to the Twitter profile and to the website you have as well. This thing is powerful because when someone read your article, he/she is more likely to follow your Twitter profile. Also write as a short notification email asking people if you include your Twitter profile in the articles which put in their blogs.

Furthermore, Your Twitter profile should be linked to on your website.

4. Twitter contests

As you probably know that people like to win contests and get prizes and then they are more likely to follow your brand which give them away.

However you should be careful organizing contents. Your aim isn’t to attract everyone to follow you but only the specific target audience. As if a person was looking to get a prize, he/she will unfollow you just after contest.
When you make the contest, don’t forget to add required step to follow you. It may be sharing a picture or Tweeting something from website but the required step should help to avoid some freebie seekers.

5. Avoid spamming and get followers

Twitter spam you can get with direct messages from people. For instance, when brands send you a “Thank you for following” messages with a link to their websites – it is spam.

The great way to avoid spam is to personalize the Tweets and don’t be overly promotional. Whether you feel that the Tweet can be spammy, think twice before sending. Why you should do this? Just because spam is really annoying thing and when people feel uncomfortable, annoyed they will unfollow you. Try to keep minimum automation or in other case you can lose your potential audience (followers).

6. Import email contacts

Uploading your contact list to Twitter may be a great way to get more followers rather quickly. If you synced contacts and they are on Twitter, your profile has a bigger chance to appear in a suggestions’ section “Who to follow”. Depending how big is your contact list, it may provide you a big number of new followers with a little additional work.

7. Use Twitter chats

Using Twitter chats is not only a great idea to get more followers, but build up relationships as well. The kind of chats give you a chance to engage with all other Twitter users which are in your field at the same time. It is like an online event of networking. The important things which you should follow in order to get more followers from the Twitter chats:
• Reply to people;
• Explain your answers;
• Add other users to a Twitter list;
• Follow up with other users afterward.

From all presented material above you should remember several significant rules, as posting the right type of content, making connections and promoting Twitter profile on other blogs, websites. And what is more, remember the number of followers will not grow over night, but if you put efforts and devote your time, you will see the changes.

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