6 Surprising Tips On How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

Nowadays almost everyone has a Facebook account and wants to get hundreds or even thousands of likes. But not everyone knows how to ACTUALLY get more likes on theirs Facebook page! In order to get the attention from your Facebook friends and get more likes, just follow these really easy but useful tips below.

1. Pay attention to the time

You can be quibble though it is noticed that Facebook is mostly for weekends, Twitter for weekdays and Instagram is for hours during lunch and vacations. However, do not forget that excepting weekends, Facebook traffic is also very high after work hours between 6 and 9 p. m. Be active at that hours and you will get much more attention from your Facebook audience (and, of course, Facebook Page Likes) than ever.

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2. Post popular and cool content

The content you post should be interesting and only then it will generate positive emotional responses. Don’t just upload simple posts when you are sitting at home and be bored and doing a housework. Instead of these post some interesting facts, vacation photos with a breathtaking view or even some funny picture where you are wearing extraordinary costume. If you have the photos from your childhood where you look goofy or cute, they will also should get lots of likes. If you run a marathon, post the photo of you with a medal! Usually, pictures of more than one person make easier to get more likes. All in all, just try look positive, not too smug in the photos you upload and your Facebook friends should pay attention and like it.

3. Don’t be too spammy

When a person posts too often, it is actually reduces his/her popularity on Facebook. Try not to do this because people may feel annoyed and it will make them take you out of their feed quickly (unfollow you)! Even if they are friends with you, they will never see your posts. You can just make the limits, for instance, 2 daily posts, not more as a general maximum. Honestly, to upload a post once a day is better, especially if you post at the right time. Keep it in mind especially if you want to know how to get more likes on Facebook Page.

4. Like and share other peoples’ content

Probably you have heard a proverb which says: “I scratch your back and you scratch mine”. This thing is the fact of life and works in the social media. So if you are still asking yourself how to get more likes on Facebook page, them you should remember this for long – the more you like and share other users’ posts, the more likely that they will interact with your post as well. In other words, the more love you give, the more you get.

5. Tagging on photos

One of the great ways to attract other peoples’ attention to your post is by tagging relevant people or brands. In this way the people or brands who are related to your post have a big amount of followers (friends) that can give you likes. It helps not only show posts to people you know but to friends of people tagged on your photo. This is called viral marketing and how it work without using no money however being active. Besides, it should be mentioned that by tagging you get natural likes.

6. Like your own photos

It sounds a little bit “weird”, but if you are the person who don’t like to tag other people or even brand names, there may be an alternative way which will bring you more likes. What you should do is to browse through your Facebook photos and like your uploaded images. Using this method, your photos can be seen by your Facebook friends who earlier passed your image on their newsfeed and get more Facebook likes.

Some people are still asking social media consultants how to get more likes on Facebook page. But as you can notice that getting more likes is not so hard. Just try to interact with other Facebook users, this will not only make them feel that you like them, but it will give the chance to get feedback from them (they will like your posts). Finally, be yourself, upload positive, interesting, innovative content which will catch people attention. A big number of likes will provide you with sense of confidence that your photos are reaching the right audience. What is more, it means that your uploaded images are relevant and are appreciated by Facebook friends you try to relate to. So don’t hesitate and use earlier provided strategies (steps) in order to increase number of Facebook likes.

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