6 Shocking Reasons Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

It feels great when you post a new picture on your Instagram account and see it getting many likes and comments, isn’t it? But when you see your Instagram followers count going down you feel like you did something wrong. Don’t worry – we all have been there.

You can prevent followers from unfollowing just by keeping on track with these main things you need to avoid. If you take time and to truly read all of my suggestions and implement them in your social media marketing routine, then you should see growth of your account and drop in a followers count will become just a worry of your past.

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1. Don’t overhelm your followers

You have just been in an exciting event where you took a lot of great photos, right? And so what do you do? Should you post them all on your Instagram profile, should pick only the best ones or upload them in a delayed timely manner?

If you would choose the first suggestion, then your account would be flooded with pictures from one event and I am 110% sure that your followers wouldn’t be very happy with it. The thing is that you should find a golden point for frequency of your posts.

It doesn’t even matter that you post photos from completely different event, what matters the most is the time frame between posts. While you create original and interesting content, you shouldn’t be doing it all at once. You will need to do some testing with your community and find out what works best for your followers.

While gathering information for this post and doing our own testing, we found out that posting 3-4 times a day works best for Instagram. This frequency wouldn’t work so good with Facebook though, because Facebook community likes when there are just a one or two posts a day.

Even though, considering the reach of Instagram posts, you can easily try to post 5-6 times a day, but make sure to not upload photos one right after another. Best practice is to automate uploading, so that photos would be uploaded after minimum 3-4 hours passed from last upload.

2. Don’t oversell

It is natural if you want to use your Instagram account to promote products, but you must keep in my mind that if every post you publish is a photo of your product, then you might lose followers.

If you creeped out your community with your products and followers started unfollowing you, then it is a sign to switch tactics. Instead of your product photos, post engaging and compelling content as how-tos, inspiring quotes and giveaways.

When you give your community stuff that entertains them, only then they will be keen on checking out your product posts. So keep in mind to post your product sale posts only after you have entertained your community enough!

3. Using bots

Using auto commenting/liking/following scripts like Instagress and etc. can get you in big trouble. These scripts (services) automatically likes, follows, unfollows other accounts on your behalf. It is important to mention, that these scripts are illegal and violates Instagram’s Terms of Service.

Many of similar services were cracked down by Instagram and it is possible that by the time you are reading this post Instagress is shut down too! If Instagram will suspect that you are using services like these, Instagram immediately put a shadow ban on your account – that means you won’t get as much engagement as you used to get and many of followers will be unfollowing.

If you don’t want to get banned or shadow banned by Instagram, simply don’t use services like Instagress and you won’t get in trouble. Do the same thing as Instagress does, just do it manually.

4. Photo quality

As you can see, most popular Instagram accounts publish only highest quality pictures, because posting low quality photos is the fastest way to lose followers. Posting high quality photos not only decrease chances of losing followers, but they attract new followers. People like high quality stuff, so does high quality photos.

If you don’t have funds to buy better camera, just download photo editing program as Photoshop and make your photos look better.

5. Incorrect hashtags

If you are not tagging your posts or tagging them incorrectly, then you are possibly not reaching community, that is interested in your content. But don’t forget – do not over do it! If your text is lost in large quantity of hashtags, then it is a sign that you mentioned too much of hashtags. It is ideal to write 3-6 hashtags, that truly represents your photo.

If you add additional hashtags, that is not related to your photo, then your photo won’t get that much of engagement. Ten Instagram script will automatically quality your picture as not interesting to your targeted audience. That means your photo will be lost in many other photos, below the ones that get more engagement.

To keep your content interesting, just test different hashtags and see which ones gets more attention and more response from Instagram users.

6. Inappropriate posts

Some users can unfollow you just because they feel that you posted inappropriate photo. Inappropriate, in this case, means that photo does not represent your content theme.
For example, if you are running a vegan food business then you surely can’t upload photo of people eating meat (unless the photo has other meaning to it).

If you don’t know is photo appropriate for your followers, then you should follow these 3 steps: 1) build a consistent voice for your brand, 2) you must get to know your followers, 3) always check which photos gets more likes and comments (more engagement), then you will know what your audience really need.

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