6 Reasons Why You Are Losing Facebook Page Likes

losing facebook page likes

Everyone is happy when they receive their first Facebook page like and continue growing their page’s audience. Consequently, no one likes to see their Facebook page likes decreasing as it takes so much effort to build the audience.

If you are one of those who is losing Facebook page likes, here are 6 reasons why it may be happening and what should you do to prevent it.

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1. You may be losing Facebook page likes because of “spring-cleaning”

Facebook is always trying to improve user experience for Facebook users, so Facebook algorithm keeps an eye on the users and content that is being published on their platform.

Every year Facebook performs a so-called “spring cleaning” of inactive and spammy looking accounts. That means, if one day you wake up and see that many likes have gone from your Facebook page, be calm as it is probably Facebook’s algorithm cleaning inactive users.

By removing inactive or spammy looking accounts your organic reach improves and that means better engagement rate and higher overall quality of your Facebook page.

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However, if you noticed that your likes drop day by day, it may mean other reasons not related to Facebook’s spring-cleaning. Keep reading as we will mention several most common reasons below.

2. Posting too much

No one likes when their Facebook feed is flooded by some page’s posts. If user logs in and sees few or more of your posts on their feed, they may click unfollow (so that they wouldn’t be automatically informed about your newly published posts) or even unlike your page.

Keep in mind that posting frequency in Facebook is significantly different from other social media platforms. For example, it is suggested to post 2-3 posts a day on Instagram, or even 4 – 10 tweets a day on Twitter! But on Facebook, you shouldn’t publish more than 1-2 posts per day.

So, keep that in mind because otherwise your audience may think that you are too spammy and unlike your page.

3. Posting inconsistently or not enough

While posting less, don’t forget to post enough! If you are publishing just one post a day – that’s still great. But don’t forget to upload your posts as consistent as possible.

For example, if you have 10 post content ideas right now, don’t just upload them all in one day while not posting on the other days. Try to space them out within 5 – 10 days.

If you haven’t posted for several days, your audience may think that you are inactive and unlike your page. Because why should they be interested in your page if there’s no new content, right?

If you don’t have time to post content daily, then the best solution for you is to use post scheduling tools. Just schedule 1-2 posts for each day of the week and you will be free for a whole week. It will save your time and energy, believe me! Also it will save you from losing Facebook page likes!

4. Not interesting content

While posting frequency and consistency is important, quality of your content should be more important. Quality is king! If your content is low quality or not interesting, this may be the case why you are losing Facebook page likes.

Also try to upload variety of different post formats. If you are just publishing links to your blog posts one after another, then everyone will get bored soon. If you just published a link to your blog post, make sure that your next post would be an image or some interesting quote.

After that you can post a video. Just mix things up a little. And don’t forget to upload more of a visual content, as many researches suggest that images and videos (visuals) are more attracting to the audience. That means visual content gets more reach and consequently more engagement.

5. Too much of advertising

Brands create Facebook fanpages to promote their brand and get sales. We all agree with that. But it doesn’t mean that users that are following your page are interested in seeing advertisements.

They came to your page to learn something, get some useful information or get entertained. Always remember that. So, if instead of sharing useful or funny content you start to continuously post sales posts, people may start unliking your page.

Even if your product or service is the best in the market and you are selling it for the best price ever, people will still get bored of your sales posts if they occur too frequently.

I suggest you to apply this technique in your Facebook page sales strategy. Jab, jab, jab… right hook! It means that in order to post any kind of sales post on your page you must first publish at least 3 useful or interactive posts that are not sales related. After you entertained your audience enough (after 3 posts) it’s time to publish your sales post.

After that, repeat from the beginning. This tactic protects you from overwhelming your audience with too many sales posts. By using this strategy only 20-25% of your posts will be sales related. Believe me, people will be more willing to check out your products or services after all of those useful and entertaining posts you published earlier.

6. Posting unrelated things

As I have said earlier, give some useful information or entertain your audience. But don’t go overboard with entertaining! For example, if you are running your business Facebook page in marketing niche, you want to mostly provide useful information and marketing tactics to your audience.

Of course, posting a funny meme here and there for entertainment purposes won’t harm your business, but will memes help you to establish authority in the marketing field? Certainly not.

If you are posting too much of funny (or unrelated to your business topic) posts, then your audience may think that you are not serious about your business and unlike your page.

So, the best solution to this is to post few interesting & useful information posts related to your business, then upload some funny post to entertain your audience, after that you can upload your sales post. Rinse & repeat. This posting strategy shouldn’t overwhelm your audience and you should get the best organic reach and engagement ever.

Here were 6 reasons why you may be losing your Facebook page likes. Sure, there are many more additional reasons, but these were the main ones.

Do you know any more reasons why people dislike Facebook pages? Share it with us and leave a comment below.

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