6 Simple Methods to Increase Facebook Engagement

Everyone who runs a Facebook page noticed that Facebook post engagement has fallen down since 2017. As the time goes, there is more & more content on Facebook and it becomes even harder to reach the audience and get engagement as you used to. Following the trend it looks like engagement should keep falling down, of course if you don’t change your Facebook marketing strategy.

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If you would like to get more engagement on Facebook than you used to, then you will need to improve your Facebook marketing strategy. By applying there 6 simple methods, you will increase Facebook engagement and grow your brand faster than you used to.

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Let’s get started.

1. Focus on quality instead of quantity

Quality content always wins more of user engagement. If you were normally posting 3-4 posts per day on your Facebook page, consider posting only 1-2 high quality posts.

What I mean is don’t just reduce your posts per day, but try to spend more time on thinking great post ideas. Because we all know that finding great content takes time and if you were posting 4 posts per day then you usually don’t have time to do content research. But if you are able to maintain content quality by posting 3-4 times per day, then that’s good for you!

Also try to vary the content you post, so it would look attractive and entertaining to your audience. Make sure that your Facebook page feed wouldn’t be built just from links to your website.

2. Use more images and videos

Visual content (images, gifs, infographics, videos) gets more human-eye attention than just plain text. And it is a known fact in social media that visual content on Facebook gets more engagement compared to text posts. We all know that.

But what if we would compare different types of visual content? Various marketing researches show that videos on average get 135% more engagement & organic reach compared to images! If you noticed, even Facebook’s standard settings are set to auto-play videos while people are scrolling through the feed. Automatically played videos get immediate user attention.

So, keep this in mind and try to upload more images (gifs, infographics) and videos instead of just plain text. If there’s availability to make a video instead of a picture, then always choose to make a video and then you will see your engagement to skyrocket!

3. Go live

We just mentioned that visual content is the best for getting more engagement, especially videos. But there is one type of video which gets even more engagement than just an average video – it’s Facebook live videos.

Researches show that live videos get around 3x more engagement compared to pre-recorded videos. So, if you have something to say to your audience, definitely consider going live!

4. Post when your fans are online

Imagine that you are in New York’s Times Square at 4 AM trying to sell water bottles there. And now imagine that you are in the same place at 7 PM. Your chances will increase 5 – 10 times if you try to sell water bottles at 7 PM because there are just more potential customers at that moment. Same place, same product, just different hour of the day.

It’s the same with posting on Facebook. If you post your posts when your audience is sleeping or not online because of other reasons, your posts won’t get much of response. Simply because they won’t see your post. To increase your chances to get more engagement and get your posts seen by your audience, post at the right time – when your audience is mostly active.

To find out when your audience is mostly active, just go to your Facebook page, click “Insights” and find the “Posts” tab on the left. Click on it and you will see when you audience is mostly online (by day of the week and time).

After that, try to post your content on the hour when your audience is mostly online. By doing that, you will increase your chances to get more exposure. If you are not able to post your content at that specific time, consider using Facebook post scheduling.

5. Reply to comments and private messages

To improve your Facebook page engagement, first of all, you need to engage with your audience too. Make it a rule that you must reply to all of the comments and private messages you get. When your audience sees that you are responding to comments, then they will be more willing to leave a comment too, because now they know that you’ll respond.

Don’t be afraid to respond to negative comments too. Just write a constructive answer explaining the situation clearly. Users understand that some people may not like your products, disagree with your articles or just not like your Facebook page overall.

If page attracts audience, it must attract “haters” too, there is no way around it. And hey, engagement is still engagement, whether it’s good comment or bad. It means that your activity gets audience response, and that’s what you wanted to get, right?

6. Ask questions

Humans are social by nature. If you ask a question, it naturally imposes others to answer it. So, always consider including a question in your posts. If you post a cool car picture and write some details about it, also include a question like: What’s your favorite supercar? It will for sure increase engagement with your post.

Also try to use more of call-to-actions (CTA), for example Learn more, Click here, Read this. CTA serves as a suggestion what your audience should do next, and usually they do what you ask them to.

Do you know any more methods to improve your Facebook engagement? Share those methods with us!

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