5 Effective Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

get more youtube subscribers

Nowadays YouTube is considered as the main and most famous platform for video blogging, sharing and marketing.

According to social media statistics, YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day and almost 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every single day. It sounds incredible, isn’t it?

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With YouTube’s worldwide popularity, it’s impossible for marketers to ignore and not use this video marketing channel. However, it is logical that with popularity comes competition.

When people start their YouTube channels, they begin to find out that it is difficult to get started. Why is it hard? Just because YouTube doesn’t appreciate the new created channels and consequently it doesn’t rank your channel high in search results when you have a small number of subscribers.

Here is the question, how to stand out in this crowded library of various eye-catching videos? In order to win attention on YouTube platform, you need to get a big number of subscribers.

Is a situation of having a few subscribers similar to you? Do you ask yourself the questions, like what am I doing wrong and how can I get more YouTube subscribers? If your answer is yes, you are on a right direction.

Today we discuss 5 effective strategies to get more YouTube subscribers and finally grow your YouTube channel. No tricks, no hacks, just simple ways that really work.

Let’s do this!

1. Write an attractive Youtube channel’s description

Probably this tip can seem not so important, but a description in YouTube’s “About” section is the first thing which users will notice and read after finding your YouTube channel.

Because of a fact that people have a short attention spans (around 8 seconds), better write a short text which consists of 140 characters, don’t forget to make it concrete and clear as possible.

Besides, while creating a channel description keep in mind that when other users click on your YouTube channel and find something for them, the chances that this users will be more interested are higher.

In this case try to avoid self-indulgent descriptions and better tell an audience what your YouTube channel may do for them. We suggest to use word “You” to stress an importance.

A forcing to stop for a while and welcoming channel description for sure is an effective way to increase YouTube subscribers’ number.

2. In order to get more YouTube subscribers, post highly watchable content

This headline sounds obvious, right? Without a doubt the majority of people fall into a category: “I need to upload a million of videos per week or my YouTube subscribers will leave me and never watch my videos again.” And it is a mistake because no one is waiting for a huge amount of videos, people appreciate quality, not a quantity.

So, the only way to stand out from a crowd of known YouTube channels and increase your subscribers’ base is to create the informative, entertaining and engaging content which will catch audience’s attention.

In order to make the better content than your competitors do, it will be advised to watch videos of other YouTube users who work in the same field or review the similar topics as you and note down the most appealing things. Rather than copying your YouTube competitors, come up with the more creative way to tell about it.

Furthermore, during the first 10 seconds of your video make the memorable impression because according to statistics, a bland start forces 20% of viewers to turn off a video. Although the first few seconds are the most important, make sure that for the whole duration your YouTube video is engaging and informative. Otherwise if you lose a hook in the middle of the video, it will cost you subscribers.

Whatever type of video you want to upload, before you press the “Publish” button, make sure that the video is engaging and bring value to YouTube audience.

3. Follow uploading schedule

You can argue with this tip claiming that it’s easier to say than to do, but you can’t ignore it.

If you think that someone would subscribe to a channel that hasn’t uploaded the videos in several months, you will be totally wrong. We are not saying that you need to post every day, but if you’re going to upload video on YouTube once a week, then do it every week without month long gaps. It means that you should be consistent because YouTube users won’t choose to subscribe to your channel if they don’t see a regular content.

Consistency can be considered as the key to create and maintain long relationships with your subscribers.

In order keep your YouTube content consistent or well organized, create a calendar and schedule the videos in advance. Usage of schedule will help your subscribers understand when and how frequently to expect the videos from you.

Some YouTube channels upload videos every day of a week. Actually, it isn’t recommended to post so frequently, it is better to stick to your plan and don’t upload videos off your schedule.

Although your videos are engaging and well organized, but remember the golden rule that your YouTube subscribers aren’t going to stay loyal to you if you won’t be consistent.  It’s like with TV shows, the new episode appears according the schedule and this consistency helps to keep viewers.

4. Make sure your videos are of the best length

Are you the one who thinks that you need to create a video of around 30 minutes because your topics are impossible to explain shortly? Or perhaps you find longer discussions as the better way to give trust to the YouTube audience? Honestly, it is a mistake.

Regardless of how complicated the product or service you are showing, the length of your YouTube videos shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes.

Why? Well, you will get the answer. As it was mentioned earlier in our article, different studies prove the fact that viewers have a short attention span. And it doesn’t mean that people forget things fast, nor it is about their interest on something.

According to YouTube statistics, the ideal videos are those, which has the average duration around 4.4 minutes. It seems like a short videos are on YouTube’s search suggestions top.

If you have the long videos, don’t hesitate to re-edit them and make short, snappy clips, then you will receive much more attention from your subscribers and even other YouTube users.

5. Clean up your YouTube channel

While you probably consider that everything you do on your YouTube channel is flawless, your subscribers might not think so. You aren’t Beyonce, my dear!

We perfectly understand that it’s hard to admit, however, sometimes it’s useful to step into the shoes of other YouTube users and take a look at your YouTube content from the other side. Only then you notice the old videos that need to be deleted whether they are poorly produced or outdated, or these videos should have never made it up there.

If you find something like this in your YouTube channel, it’s a time to say goodbye to that video because otherwise you can give doubts to your audience, losing your YouTube subscribers faster than attracting the new ones.

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To sum up, in today’s article we reviewed 5 tactics you can use in order to get more YouTube subscribers. However, the most important thing you need to do is organize the YouTube content which will make people engage, entertain, in other words, which will make them want to subscribe to.

Ready to increase the number of your YouTube subscribers? Then get to work and make it happen!

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