5 Tips to Create the Most Awesome YouTube Video Ad

how to create the most awesome youtube video ad

Nowadays YouTube ads are much more than just a few seconds of content which you are forced to watch before the real video starts. Ads are considered as a powerful way to reach a huge audience.

As more and more brands are trying to adopt online video advertising, YouTube is becoming saturated with video ads.

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In this case, what can advertisers do in order to stand out among this crowd of various YouTube ads? The answer is to create the eye-catching, memorable video ads that audience want to re-watch and share with their friends.

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Although coming up with the great ideas for your video ads can seem challenging, however, why you want to reinvent the wheel, when you don’t have to? What you need, is just to implement several strategies to create unforgettable YouTube ads.

Here are 5 tips that you can use to create the most awesome YouTube video ad.

1. Encourage the audience to take action

One of the effective ways to create your YouTube ads that attract audience is to show them an important issue and tell viewers that your brand can solve it.

So, begin with the description of the problem, share intriguing facts that depict importance of this issue. After that, clearly say what your brand does in order to contribute to elimination of this problem.

In this way, in YouTube ad you can show your audience that by buying your products or service their problems will be solved. That encourage them to make a purchase and consequently feel good about this action.

Moreover, by implementing the tactic mentioned above in your ads, viewers will develop a strong sense of loyalty to your brand.

All in all, make your message is understandable and clearly show what you want your audience to do after watching your YouTube ad. For example, if you want your audience to visit your website, clearly say that. Encourage the viewers to get involved!

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2. Insert an element of curiosity in your YouTube video ad

Let’s be sincere and agree with an opinion that nowadays the content of a majority of ads is easy to predict. Just think about how many supermarkets’ advertisements include a pretty, young family who is walking through store aisles and filling the cart with low-priced items? Have you ever seen a medical ad which doesn’t end with the moment when a person surprisingly begin to feel himself better?

The main mistake of all these ads is that they make very little or even no impression on the audience. These ads are just noise.

Eye-catching and remarkable ads surprise the viewers by using some interesting elements, when they don’t expect something. In this case, make your ad inspiring and entertaining in order to capture and hold on your audience’s attention.

Also don’t forget that it is important to insert the surprise moment in the first 5 seconds of your video ad, otherwise the viewers can leave your ad and won’t wait for something special.

3. Use power of nostalgia

Many advertising experts say that you shouldn’t ignore the power of nostalgia, while creating the ads. It is the absolute truth that people have emotional connections with their past and enjoy when someone reminds them of it. 

In this case, by including moments from the past into your YouTube ad, you can make your audience feel more positive towards your brand.

What is more, while thinking which nostalgia elements to insert in your ad, it is advised to determine the demographics of your target audience, such as gender, age, educational level, parental status and other.

This should assist you in deciding what time periods and cultural trends are the most suitable for your viewers in order to cause their nostalgic feelings.

4. Include the parts that stimulate positive emotions

A lot of social media analyses state that advertisements that evoke emotions, such as happiness, joy, love, laughter and other, are considered as attractive and unforgettable to the audience.  

This tactic of using emotions in your YouTube ad, will not only fuel passion of your audience and encourage viewers to behave positively, but also helps to build strong relationship between your brand and the audience.

To express emotions in text or image ads without a doubt can be difficult, however, using video ads’ format, it is an absolutely different story. Applying video ads’ format, you have a chance to tell your brand’s message using visual elements, in order to increase stimulation of audience’s positive emotions.

Your ad’s sharing among other people and engagement level of your content increase when brands are associated with the happy emotions. In this case don’t forget to include positivity while creating your YouTube video ad.

Overall, before putting your brand’s story into the YouTube ad, try to understand what makes your audience emotional. So, you can analyze your earlier uploaded YouTube videos and clarify what is the reason which pushes them to interact with your video content.

5. Be unusual

And the last tactic is while creating your YouTube ad, try to stay quirky. Social media studies prove the fact that when advertisements are out of the ordinary things, they gain additional dose of attention. Ads that show unique, a little bit weird, complicated stories stand out in the audience’s minds and compel them to think “what just happened?

If you feel that your YouTube ad can be boring, then adding one unusual element to your ad should undoubtedly make your advertisement more eye-catchy and get viewers’ attention.

Wrapping everything up, YouTube advertising is an effective way to get your ads out in front of a proper and engaged audience. Without a doubt, to create the most awesome YouTube video ad takes more time and effort, however, there are lots of weighty reasons why a majority of advertisers don’t ignore this type of advertising.

I hope that after today’s article of 5 tactics that can be implemented in order to create the most awesome YouTube ad, you will understand what you need to do differently to improve your ads.

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