5 Tips on How to Make a Compelling Instagram Bio and Get Traffic

5 Tips on How to Make a Compelling Instagram Bio and Get Traffic

Let’s start with the question, when was the last time you updated your Instagram bio? If you begin thinking when it actually was, so likely it was a long time ago.

Since an Instagram profile starts being not just a photo gallery in order to show your everyday life moments to your friends and relatives, but you use it as a tool to attract new followers, get higher engagement rate, raise brand’s awareness or get traffic to your website and increase sales.

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So then to have a really good Instagram bio is more important than ever.

Remember, that an Instagram bio is like a mainstay of a whole Instagram account.

It doesn’t matter how your profile’s content looks like, because the first thing which potential Instagram followers notice is your bio. Seeing your Instagram bio, users understand what your profile’s niche is and why they need to follow you.

If your bio seems compelling, it encourages them to take the next step, which means to follow your profile and interact with it.

In order to be more convinced, there is a scientific fact presented by researchers of the Missouri University that it takes less than one-fifth of a second for a people to make a first impression about your social media profile.

So, now you probably understand how important it is to have an attractive Instagram bio which will help to make a great first impression.

If you aren’t the one who thinks that to write a compelling Instagram bio is straightforward, but know that it actually requires a lot of efforts and time, then in the following guide you will discover the ideas of creating a good Instagram bio which helps to make a good first impression, explains about your business, persuades people to click follow button and interact with you.

1. Profile photo

As Instagram is about attractiveness to people through visuals, so the first important component of a good Instagram bio is a profile photo.

Uploaded profile image should be representative of your business, for instance, it can be your brand’s logo, a picture of your most popular product or service, a thing which people associate with your business and so on.

Also be sure that minimized photo looks attractive and recognizable. Remember, the profile image is the fastest way to stand out from the crowd.

If an Instagram account is used by a brand, the best option of profile photo is a brand’s logo, however if you are influencer, you can be more creative and choose photo which will attract more of people’s interest.

2. Your name

The name is that part of a bio which appears bolded on your account. Ensure that there is written your name, not your Instagram username. It is important because when other users decide to search for you on Instagram, they will probably use your name or your brand’s name.

So in this case it will be easier for others to find your profile and be sure that this account belongs to you.

However if your Instagram username clearly identifies who you are, in other words, consists of your brand or company name, then you don’t need to write your name which is bolded in the profile’s description.

Better use it to shortly explain people what you do or include your specialization.

All in all, don’t make it hard for other users to find you on an Instagram platform because in other way you can lose potential followers or even customers.

3. 150 characters’ bio text

Now we are in a heart of an Instagram bio, where you have a chance to show your personality, brand and to encourage other users to take actions.

Hmm, what can I say? Probably almost everyone was facing an issue of writing a perfectly organized bio which consists of 150 or less characters.

However, in order to make an attractive bio text, you just need to answer one question – what is your story?

Your bio text should reflect who you are and what you do. As a practice shows that you need to make your story as short as possible, better to choose 3 words that describe your brand the most and use them as a starting point.

These words you can add as clickable hashtags that will make your profile more searchable.

Don’t forget to give your Instagram description a human touch or in other words make it more personal, because as you know no one likes to read empty and soulless texts.

What is more, emoji is a fun, attractive and really great method to express different meanings without using a lot characters in your bio description.

Besides, if you aren’t an Instagram business account’s user, it is useful to add a call-to-action, contact information (your email or phone number) and location into your bio text.

For instance, location is significant when you are planning about opportunities of potential partnerships. In this case, people will know where your business is located.

However, switching to an Instagram business profile has its’ advantage because it allows you make to a space in your bio and add location, contact details as the separate buttons.

Keep in mind all these small tips discussed above and try to explain who you are, what you offer and for what reasons people should follow button.

4. Your Webpage

Don’t miss a chance to add your business website into an Instagram bio. There is a special section in which you can write a link of your brand’s webpage or your blog.

Actually, this is the only one opportunity how you may add clickable link on your profile which will drive traffic.

Before adding your link, it is suggested to write an attractive call-to-action. In this way you will cause bigger interest and encourage people to click on this link.

Another way how you can add clickable links is using Instagram stories, however, it is only available for business accounts which have 10,000 or bigger amount of followers.

What is more, it is useful to know all the details of sharing links on Instagram, one of which is to shorten your link.

However, rather than using shorteners, such as Bitly, it’s recommended to use a custom shorten link which includes your brand’s name because it is more trusted and doesn’t look like a spam.

5. Stories highlights

In December 2017 Instagram introduces new function which provides an opportunity to highlight your stories that appear directly under your bio text.

This feature allows you to add your favorite moments from the earlier uploaded Instagram stories and in this way express your brand or personality to other users and boost your conversions.

Furthermore, ability to create folders according different topics helps to keep your stories more organized and your followers can view a folder of a specific category in which they are interested.

For example, some brands use stories highlights to show their collections of new products and on the last picture put a call-to-action which will guide people to swipe up in order to go to the online shop.

Actually, Instagram stories highlights are an inseparable part of an Instagram bio and a valuable way to attract new followers, show your uniqueness, explain what you are doing on Instagram and drive traffic.

In conclusion, a compelling Instagram bio is the one which makes a perfect first impression, attracts an ideal target audience, encourages other Instagram users to click follow button, grows your account’s engagement rate, drives traffic to your products/services and increases sales.

Although profile image draws users’ attention and is very important, however a description is what convinces people to get interested in your Instagram account.

So, now it’s the perfect time to go to your Instagram profile and ensure if your bio is compelling.

If you notice that your Instagram bio needs improvements, in this case take your time and try to apply simple tips discussed above in order to create an Instagram bio which helps your account to stand out from the crowd.

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