5 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter Ads

Twitter is a social media platform, which makes easy for users to discover news, follow relevant brands or people, share informative articles and in general, stay up-to-date on different topics that they are interested in.

Besides, when it comes to business side, Twitter allows you, as an advertiser, to interact with engaged audience, build the potential buyers’ base, respond to your customers’ inquiries and show your products or services updates and deals. This type of interactions, when it is timely, suitable and engaging, becomes a powerful thing in your advertising strategy.

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Twitter having 326 million of monthly active users, 46% of whom are on the platform daily, suggests you a great opportunity to show your ad message to the huge audience for a small investment.

What is more, Twitter ads are subtle and more naturally combined with the organic content.

So, are you still not sure about advantages of advertising on Twitter?

In today’s article I am going to present 5 reasons why Twitter ads are superior to other digital platforms advertising.

1. Pay for performance

When you upload your Twitter ad or in other words promoted tweet, you need to pay when you have achieved your ad campaign’s objectives, such as boosted engagement, increased traffic, website conversions, app installs, leads generation and etc.

It is important to mention that although for advertising on Twitter you pay only after your audience takes the action, however, actions of users like engagement and additional organic impressions are free.

Now let’s get into details.

For instance, if you organize a followers’ campaign, you should pay for a quantity of Twitter users who pressed the “Follow” button and became a fan of your Twitter account.

Also if your goal is to receive conversions, then you will pay only when users go to your webpage and take a particular action on it (purchase a product).

What good about Twitter is, that by allowing advertisers to pay only for performance (results), it helps to minimize the risks of unsuccessful advertising and attain objectives of the marketing strategy more effectively.

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2. Twitter ad targeting by keyword

As other social media platforms, Twitter allows you to attract only the right audience by targeting based on demographics, such as age, gender, location or interests. However, when it comes to accustomed targeting possibilities on Twitter, everything is more interesting.

The first opportunity of how you can reach the exact audience you want, provided by Twitter, is keyword targeting. It means that you may target the audience who used a particular word or hashtag in their Twitter updates during the last week or engaged with other users’ tweets that include specific words/hashtags.

Comparing with other digital platforms, Facebook doesn’t let you to target by keywords, it only suggests you the option of topic targeting. In this case, Twitter provides you with the better targeting possibilities because by using the keyword targeting method, you can more precisely reach the necessary audience.

Moreover, social media studies show that this keyword targeting tactic assists you in getting a huge number of paid impressions and organic as well, spending just a small amount of money.

Overall, advertising on Twitter applying these targeting capabilities is useful and powerful thing because it helps to target users who interact with a content, which involves the particular words. Instead of blindly tweeting to the big audience, some part of whom can be even not interested in it.

3. Engager targeting

Another effective way which helps to attract attention of your audience is called engager targeting. Using this targeting method while running ads on Twitter, you will make that only the users who have currently engaged with your Twitter posts will see your ad.

Tactic to target the audience who previously interacted with your tweets is considered very successful because in this way, you are displaying your ad to users who showed the interest of your content before. Consequently, it means that you can easily receive the impressions from these Twitter users and achieve your ad campaign’s objectives. Sounds great, isn’t it?

4. Twitter ads are cheap

On Twitter you have a chance to get clicks practically for free. And it is true. The click’s price is based on the competition level of auction. More advertisers are bidding on their ads, more expensive advertising will be for everyone.

Without a doubt, advertisers should be happy about the cheap prices of ad promotion on Twitter because of the low advertising competition.

What does it mean?

First of all, don’t be afraid and don’t start thinking that Twitter is not popular anymore.

It only happens because Twitter has a smaller reach than Facebook. However, is should be considered as Twitter’s strength. As it is discussed before, Twitter can work really great for your ads campaigns.

Think about the fact that Twitter provides you an opportunity to advertise for less and receive a great ROI (return on investment).

5. Tailored audiences

According to social media analyses, when someone has already expressed the interest in your brand, there is more probability that they will interact with your ad message. However, there is a question – how can you find and attract this audience on Twitter?

Have you ever heard about an opportunity to target every Twitter user who have taken a specific action in you app, such as sign up or install, who have visited your webpage or who followed particular Twitter profiles? If not, continue reading.

In this case, a definition “Tailored audiences” makes sense. It means that you can collect the data of the certain Twitter audience and create a list of your own tailored audience to target with your Twitter ad.

Although Facebook suggests the similar tactic – custom audiences, however, in order to make a list of this type of audiences, the emails or phone numbers of users you want to reach are needed.

So, here Twitter wins. All you need to have the tailored audiences, is just Twitter usernames or conversion tracking tool. Actually, it depends on which users you want to reach. For instance, if you want to find out which users pressed a “Follow” button on the specific Twitter profiles, then it is enough for you to collect usernames of these users, make a list and upload the list into Twitter ad campaign.

In conclusion, there are a lot of great reasons why you should use Twitter ads, today only 5 of them were reviewed.

If you still perform on Twitter hoping to receive attention of bigger audience and grow your brand but you are tired of waiting, then stop waiting for miracles, better start advertising in order to get better results!

What are your thoughts about advertising on Twitter? Leave your opinion in the comments’ box below.

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