5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Instagram

5 reasons to advertise on instagram

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is considered as a leading social media channel with unlimited marketing potential. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you manage a social media of a huge company or a small business, or you are using Instagram to promote your personal brand, implementing Instagram advertising into your marketing strategy is a must.

Sill doubting whether Instagram advertising can be beneficial for your brand or not? Well, there are so many arguments why you need to start advertising on Instagram.

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In this article, 5 key reasons to advertise on Instagram will be discussed.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Increases your brand’s visibility

With an audience bigger than 1 billion active users and more than 50 million images being shared daily, Instagram provides your brand opportunity to be discovered.

Advertising works through visibility. Therefore, if your target audience doesn’t notice your brand on their newsfeeds, it means that you are doing something wrong or you aren’t putting enough efforts. 

By posting unique, engaging and informative ads on Instagram, you will increase your brand’s mentions and make Instagram audience recognize your brand. What it is more, while not only uploading appealing Instagram posts to your feed, but also creating ads about your brand, you boost chances that your Instagram profile’s followers will get interested and more likely to visit your website.

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2. Variety of ad types

Depending on your marketing strategy objectives, you need to select different types of Instagram ads.

There are 4 main kinds of ads to choose from when you are starting your Instagram advertising campaign. In this way, Instagram helps you to create ads in a format, which will perfectly resonate with your target audience.

  • Photo ads. Applying this type of Instagram ads, you can tell a story or promote your products through visually engaging pictures. Use square, landscape or vertical formats of a picture in order to make an attractive Instagram ads post which catches users’ attention and encourages to take an action.

The right picture and catchy caption of your ad will bring you results and increase awareness of your brand.

  • Video ads. Create a video ad that is up to 60 seconds with the power of sound, motion and deliver it to your Instagram audience.

Actually, here timing is everything. The shorter video is better in order to grab people’s attention and evoke their curiosity.

Video ads are considered as an effective way to engage with your Instagram audience because they start to play right away automatically without a need to click on them.

  • Stories ads. Actually, it is the newest ad type which provides your brand with an opportunity to create time-sensitive, personalized ads that expose an audience to your brand in various ways.

Overall, Stories ads are a great method to increase brand awareness.

  • Carousel ads. This is a combination of pictures or pictures and videos that makes Instagram audience swipe to view additional images or videos.

If the main objective is to get Instagram users to visit your webpage, then this type of ads is a great choice. Carousel ads help to build an interactive experience with audience and works as a strong attention grabber.

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3. Users use Instagram for purchasing decisions

At the end of a day, a high sales volume is that one thing what a majority of brands seeks to receive from their devoted efforts. And there is no difference when it comes to advertising on Instagram. Everyone wants to get benefits, such as encourage audience to make a purchase that, consequently, will generate more sales.

So, is it worth to advertise on Instagram? The answer is undoubtedly yes! However, let’s take a look at the numbers.

Social media studies show that Instagram generates pretty high conversion rates and influences people’s purchasing decisions.

More than 1/3 of Instagram audience uses Instagram to buy products or services online. What is more, after seeing the Instagram advertising posts, 75% of users take particular actions, like visiting a website, viewing the suggested products or just subscribing for the newsletters in order to receive all updates about a brand.

Seems impressive, isn’t it?

In this case, don’t miss an opportunity to reach a big amount of potential customers who are likely to make a purchase of your brand’s products or services.

Overall, by uploading a catchy Instagram ad which includes a “Shop now” button, there are bigger chances that you will grab your audience’s attention, evoke their curiosity and induce to click on your ad. Even if this audience doesn’t become your customer from the first click, this kind of action is valuable. Why? Because it gives you the clue that you need to re-target these users with your Instagram advertisements until they buy your brand’s products or services.

4. Performance tracking

Advertising metrics are the key in measuring your Instagram ads’ performance and understanding whether your time and efforts are devoted successfully or not.

As Instagram is a part of a Facebook platform, you receive an opportunity to track your Instagram ad metrics using Facebook Ads Manager.

Actually, depending on the objective that you have chosen for your Instagram ad campaign, you will be able to see different results. For instance, if you created an Instagram ad to boost an engagement level, then it will be important for you to track the overall reach of your Instagram ad and how many post interactions your Instagram ad has received.

So, Facebook Ads Manager will give you all necessary metrics you need to track in order to understand how effective your advertising performance is and what to improve in the future to get better results.

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5. Easy to get started with

As you have probably understood that Instagram uses the same advertising tool as Facebook, called Ads Manager.

In this case, if you never tried to advertise on Instagram or even don’t know how to create Facebook ads, then you shouldn’t worry. With Ads Manager there will be no difficulties to set up and run your first Instagram ad campaign. 

Firstly, you need to ensure that you have a Facebook page to run ads and use an Instagram business profile.

After that, all steps to create your Instagram ad campaign will be done through Ads Manager. There you will be asked to do the following tasks: choose your ad’s objective, determine your target audience, select an ad’s format, set a budget and decide on duration of your ad campaign.

So, it will take around one hour to set up and publish your Instagram advertisement.

What is more, don’t think that you need a huge budget to get started. However, keep in mind that you will pay more to advertise on Instagram than on Facebook. Using Instagram ads, you are more likely to receive better results because Instagram audience’s engagement is 10 times higher comparing with Facebook. If you focus on impressions, then it is more likely that you pay around 5$ per 1000 ad views on average. Moreover, studies show that average cost per click on Instagram is around 1.28$.

In conclusion, if Instagram ads are not yet implemented into your marketing strategy, then it is never too late to get started.

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Today 5 reasons why it is beneficial for your brand to advertise on Instagram were discussed. And I hope that it is clear now why Instagram is a great choice for advertising.

However, if you want to share your thoughts regarding this topic, feel free to drop a line in comments’ section below!

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