5 Reasons to Use YouTube Influencer Advertising

5 reasons to use Youtube influencer advertising

When it comes to using influencer’s help in brand’s marketing strategy, many firstly think of Instagram. Instagram influencer advertising works great for brands, that’s not a secret. But what most people don’t know that YouTube influencer advertising can be even more successful and profitable.

Forbes stated,that influencer advertising market is growing even faster than any other social media ads (for example, YouTube ads). That proves the fact that influencer marketing is very effective and every brand should implement it in their digital marketing strategy.

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Here are 5 main reasons why you should use YouTube influencer advertising for your brand, products or services.

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1. Quickly builds trust of your brand

Video content creators have very strong connection with their fans, so there’s no surprise where did influencer’s name came from. That’s because video creators have massive influence on their audience. People generally trust what YouTube influencers say and brands, products or services they recommend.

Average YouTube user usually doesn’t even understand that influencer’s content may be sponsored by some brand. So, they take influencer’s recommendation on some brand’s products and services as 100% honest opinion. Brands can use it for their advantage to promote their products or services. And so can you!

Even if your brand doesn’t have many positive reviews online, if influencer presents your product or service to the audience, then many of them won’t even seek for more reviews. Even one influencer’s mention of your product or service instantly makes your brand legitimate and trustable in their eyes. That’s the real power of influencer advertising – “word of mouth” marketing in big scale.

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2. Lifetime promotion

When we talk about any form of advertisement on social media, we always know that it’s a temporary promotion. If you use Google Ads, once someone clicked your ad and your campaign’s budget went down to zero, promotion ends. If you pay Instagram influencer to promote your account by giving a shoutout, they charge you for one week, one day, or even just one hour of promotion!

But that’s not the case with YouTube influencer advertising and it is one of the main reasons why using YouTube influencer for marketing purposes can be extremely profitable for your brand.

When YouTube influencer includes promotion of your brand to their video and publishes it, it becomes timeless. If some day influencer would decide to remove advertisement from that video, the only thing he could do is to remove the whole video! And that’s not what YouTube creators want to do.

It is much different compared to Instagram influencer’s post, where influencer can easily remove sponsored post and that’s about it.

So, till influencer’s YouTube channel is active and running, you will be receiving hits even many years later! This means continuous every day promotion of your brand. Isn’t it great? That’s why you can pay extra for YouTube influencer’s advertising if you think long-term about your digital marketing strategy.

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3. Large audience reach

YouTube has over 2 billion users that actively watch videos and spend a lot of time on YouTube. This means that there is a huge audience waiting to get to know your brand, products or services. None of the other social media networks have that many daily users.

So, there will be no shortage of audience, ever. The only thing that you need to do is find the best influencers who would like to work with you or your brand. And let me tell you one secret, every channel is interested in collaborating with brands, as that’s how they earn money! So, finding YouTube channel which would like to promote your brand will be easy.

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4. It works for brands in any niche

This is a big one and it relates much to the large YouTube’s user base. Because there is a big YouTube user base, it means that you can easily find niche influencers to promote your brand and products. By promoting your brand through relevant niche influencer, you will reach only those users that are really interested in your brand and products.

Even if you are selling dog & cat food, you will still find YouTube channels that specialize on creating pet or dogs & cats content. Promoting exclusively to targeted audience is key to success in digital marketing.

5. Good conversion rates

Because your content will be shown only to targeted audience, it means that your conversion rates will skyrocket. Conversion rates will be impressive, so will your ROI (return on investment). It means that you will get customers and increase general brand awareness for fraction of the cost.

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And you won’t have to spend additional budget as in Facebook ads, to test several niches, interests, demographics, etc. YouTube influencer advertising made it so simple for the brands… Because YouTube influencer has already done the job by attracting and fostering related audience that is interested in that particular topic.

The only thing that you need to do is to find YouTube channels that create content in your brand’s niche, and that’s it.


YouTube influencer advertising is very beneficial and usually extremely profitable marketing strategy for brands, especially startup brands. That’s because, as I mentioned earlier, influencers have a lot of power to induce audience to like and trust your brand. If influencer shows that he trusts your brand, so will the audience.

Trust is one of the key factors while deciding to purchase your product or not. If customer trusts your brand, then he is almost ready to purchase from you.

So, here were 5 reasons why you should use YouTube influencer advertising for your brand. Do you know any other reasons? Share those with us in the comment section below.

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