5 Facebook Ad Types You Need to Try in 2020

5 facebook ad types you need to try in 2020

The reason why Facebook is considered as one of the most powerful platforms for both B2C and B2B businesses is simple, just because of its advertising opportunities.

As Facebook provides with a wider and more demographically diverse audience than any other social media platform, it means that your Facebook ad can reach a lot of users and boost engagement level. What is more, Facebook ads are relatively cheap and have a higher return on investment comparing to other marketing channels.

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Therefore, Facebook ads should be the essential part of every marketing strategy. However, ads are not only about objectives, formats, placements and call-to-action tactics, there is much more that is needed to be figured out.

As variety of Facebook ad types has increased in the recent years, many marketers became confused about which one is the best to use.

In this article, I am going to discuss the main advantages of 5 Facebook ads types in 2020. Keep reading and you will understand how ads can assist you in achieving your brand’s goals and improving the return on investment (ROI).

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While talking about the best Facebook ads, keep in mind that according to social media studies combining video and image ads is the great choice if you want to drive a huge amount of conversions to your website.

What is more, researches show that 64% of consumers are inclined to buy products or services after watching a video about them. Why? The answer is simple, because video ads can provide more detailed information and encourage audience to engage.

However, there is no one right opinion of ad for everyone. So, while creating your Facebook ad, think which one is the most suitable with the resources you have.

1. Canvas ads

Canvas ads are full-screen, interactive advertisements that are created in order to showcase your brand’s products or services in mobile-specific format. These ads include videos, images, carousels, clickable call-to-action buttons, texts and are shown on audience newsfeeds.

Although Facebook introduced Canvas ads in 2016, this type of ad is still not commonly used. Perhaps because marketers don’t know how beneficial they are.

As according to statistics, there are 96% of Facebook users who access it on mobile, it means that Canvas ads have the potential to reach a wide audience and get their attention.

At first sight, Canvas ads might look like the regular newsfeed ads, but once a user clicks, it opens up to cover the entire mobile screen. In this way, this ad type helps to avoid the need for audience to click out of the Facebook app to interact with a content.

So, don’t doubt as it takes only 10 minutes or even less to create a Canvas ad.

The strong advantage of Canvas ads is that they are related to Facebook Instant Experiences. It means that there will be no lag, you can upload these interactive ads just in a few seconds. It is important because a lot of mobile pages load ads too slowly.

Moreover, it is important to mention that Canvas ads can be added to Collection ads that are next on this list. In this case, you lend the experience quality of Canvas ads to the functionality of products’ catalog of the Collection ads.

Overall, Canvas ads is an effective advertising method if your goal is to boost your brand’s awareness and, consequently, improve the engagement rate.

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2. Collection ads

Collection ads are considered as the best choice if you want to make it easier for audience to discover, browse and buy your brand’s products or services from mobile devices. In this case, you can get potential customers interested in, excited about your brand and, accordingly, convert audience’s consideration into immediate sales.

Facebook collection ads consist of a cover image or video followed by a showcase of 4 products’ images. When user clicks on a product image, a scrollable catalog opens where a variety of products with prices are displayed.

Remember, Collection ads provide you with an opportunity to drive your brand’s visibility and sales using an engaging format in a fast-loading shopping experience.

Various social media studies state that Collection ads overcome Canvas ads on CTR (click-through-rate) index by 50%. What is more, Collection ads generate more link clicks, which means that a bigger amount of users are clicking on a link inside of the advertisement. However, Canvas ads won having the higher conversion rates, which confirms the fact that Canvas ads give more relevant traffic with bigger intention to purchase. 

Therefore, in order to receive more successful results, it is advised to combine these two (Canvas and Collection) types of ads.

3. Stories ads

Stories ads are short, full-screen images or videos inserted between Facebook users’ Stories, however these advertisements disappear after 24 hours.

Even this type of ads is the newest one and may not seem so effective to you, but it is advised to consider Stories ads as a method to showcase your brand’s products or services. Why? Just because studies show that advertisers who use Stories ads have greatly increased their online sales.

However, it is important to mention that you cannot choose Stories ads as a placement of your advertisement. Only when you select automatic placements, Stories ads will be included in the location where your ad will be put. What is more, a particular ad campaign’s objective, such as app install, reach, traffic, conversions, brand awareness, needs to be chosen in order to activate your ad’s placement in Facebook Stories.

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4. Messenger ads

As Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app in terms of downloads and usage, you shouldn’t ignore an opportunity of including Messenger ads into your marketing strategy.

What is more, social media researches found that 53% of users state that they are more probably to make a purchase with a brand that they wrote a message earlier.

In this way, Messenger ads are considered as a powerful way to engage an audience your brand already has connections with, in a place which is proven to increase users’ trust.

This type of ads can be displayed as a video or carousel of pictures. Facebook provides your brand with a chance to select from 3 categories of Messenger ads in order to personalize your advertisement in a precisely adjusted way.

  • Messenger ads. These ads show up directly in your Messenger’s inbox among other messages.
  • Sponsored messages. These messages, as your brand’s special offers or product’s recommendations, can be sent to the audience you are already communicating with.
  • Click to Messenger ads. As the regular Facebook ads, these ads also appear on users’ newsfeeds. However, their difference from the standard Facebook ads is that they include a “Send message” button which automatically transfers users into a chat window where they can start a direct conversation with your brand.

But it doesn’t mean that it is necessary to choose one of these Messenger ads’ categories. You can just use an automatic placement and Facebook will decide in which category to put your ads in order to help you receive the best result at the lowest costs.

All in all, Messenger ads are the perfect choice if you want to retarget and connect with your audience.

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5. Lead ads

The effective method to convert your audience from Facebook is to create an advertisement with a lead to users who are already familiar with your brand, for instance, previous website visitors.

Don’t forget about an attractive headline, brief and engaging description and eye-grabbing image that will make your lead ad look like it is impossible to ignore.

Sounds like a not difficult task, isn’t it?

So, lead ads remove the middleman of a landing page by presenting a pop-up form which can be filled in and submitted without a need to leave a Facebook newsfeed.

When a user clicks on a lead ad, the pop-up appears on a screen that provides additional information. Here you can tell an audience about your brand and explain why they need to share the information about themselves.

What is more, the contact information which is provided in a pop-up form not only lets users easier sign up, subscribe, download or even receive expanded data, but also helps you, as a brand, to learn more facts about your audience that can be used in the future Facebook ad’s campaigns.

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Wrapping everything up, today 5 Facebook ad types were discussed in order to help your brand increase sales and ROI.

Actually, it is advised to try these different ad types and see which one performs better for your brand. Only in this case you will understand what ad type provides your brand with the best results at the lowest costs.

If you have any questions related to this topic, drop a line in the comments below!

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