5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

5 common facebook ad mistakes to avoid

At first glance, with the abundance of data and targeting opportunities creating Facebook ads can look like a very simple and easy task. However, there are many mistakes you may make while trying to launch Facebook ad campaign.

Have you already noticed that you are not getting successful results from your Facebook ads? Or just wondering if you are making mistakes that can eat away your advertising budget?

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You came to the right place!

In today’s article, I am going to present you 5 most common Facebook ad mistakes every marketer makes and how to prevent them in order to ensure your ads’ better reach and performance.

Let’s dive right into it!

1. Selecting wrong ad campaign’s objective

With such a huge variety of ad campaign optimization opportunities, it isn’t difficult to make a mistake while advertising on Facebook.

Most of you perfectly know that when you are starting to launch a new Facebook ad campaign, the first step is to select a particular objective (goal). Actually, this part of setting up your ad campaign is crucial because you are specifying what your ad goal is and telling Facebook how allocate your budget.

Your decision regarding ad campaign’s objective will make an impact on targeting, optimization opportunities, types of ads and, consequently, the overall ad results. In this way, it is important to think what you really want to achieve with your Facebook ad and choose suitable objective.

There are lots of marketers who use Facebook ads and want to boost their sales right away after their advertisement is released. So, they create an ad and start to direct a cold target audience to their website in order to induce them to make a purchase. However, these actions are inappropriate and too quick. Remember, before asking, you need to give something to your audience.

In this case, instead of selecting conversions as your ad campaign’s objective, better choose leads.

All in all, by not hurrying up to accomplish your goal and selecting the right ad objective will help you to get closer to your end goal and you will achieve a successful Facebook ad performance.

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2. Targeting too wide audience

Another the most usual Facebook ad mistake which will waste your budget, is thinking that as bigger audience will bring you better results.

With targeting too broad audience, you hope that your ad will be seen by a relevant audience, however, you only risk to burn your budget and show your ad to the users who aren’t interested in your product/service. If you don’t have a clearly defined target audience, it will be hard for you to know how, when and where to reach them.

Use Facebook Analytics in order to analyze and understand what exactly your target audience is. After that, set your ad campaign’s audience targeting.

Overall, the better you know your target audience the higher chances that you present them useful and relevant information and, accordingly, meet these users’ interests and improve your ad performance results.

3. Optimizing your ads too often

Many marketers are constantly changing their ads’ targets, budgets or bids, however, this does not generate better ad performance.

The only thing which happens is that each optimization restarts your Facebook ad ranking and moves it back to the learning phase.

This situation can be compared with planting a seed, when you dig it up after 1 day in order to see how much it is grown. Sounds illogical, isn’t it?

In this case, it is advised not to expect to get fast results. Instead, implement 3 stages’ process of awareness (show value of your brand), consideration (when an audience is interested in your brand, build deeper connections with them) and conversion (encourage your audience to make a purchase). When you apply this process, you can find out at which stage the optimization of your Facebook ad is needed.

For example, if you see that your ads are effectively performing at awareness stage and as a result, a target audience enters the consideration stage, then it means that you should increase bids for these advertisements. However, if you notice a weak performance of your ads at awareness stage, reduce bids and check whether the right target audience is selected.

To get productive outcomes from ads requires time and patience. So, once you create an ad campaign, but don’t see that you have reached your goal, do not rush to immediately optimize your Facebook ad. Because if you do it, your advertisement will only loose its’ ranking positions and will be not so discoverable by the audience.

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4. Forgetting to use automatic ad placement

Choosing automatic ad placement is an easy and convenient way because in this case you speed up the creation of your ads.

Facebook algorithm is able to learn your actions and optimize the placements of your ads. This should provide you with the most profitable results for the lowest cost in accordance with your selected objective and bidding strategy. So, it is advised to pick an automatic ad placement.

However, due to the reason that an ad placement makes a direct impact on the cost and performance of your campaign, you should be careful when deciding which option will help you to achieve your Facebook ad campaign’s goal.

Remember, there are some cases where you will not receive successful results from automatic ad placement. For example, if your objectives are to get more traffic, video views or messages, then automatic ad placement is not the best option for you.

Overall, depending on the objective you have selected, decide which ad placement is the right for your Facebook advertising campaign in order to get the most effective results.

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5. Creating ads without understanding overall campaign settings

Another big mistake that majority of advertisers make is running Facebook ads without understanding what certain settings mean or even features they use while optimizing ads. 

In this case, an incorrect decision regarding targeting, placement or bidding may only eat away your budget, but will not assist your ad in achieving its goal.

For instance, it is noticed that there are a lot of marketers who randomly select target audience and they don’t understand that audience can be too narrow or too wide for their ad.

What is more, many people do not rely on default ad placements and instead of it choose placements which are not suitable in reaching their ads’ objectives.

Therefore, in order to stop wasting your money and make your ad performance powerful, learn how Facebook ad set-up settings should be applied.

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In conclusion, today 5 most common Facebook ad mistakes were reviewed. Try to avoid them in order not to spend too much of the budget trying to reach the relevant target audience without having a clearly defined strategy.

Remember, success can be achieved only through learning, so follow my advice and you will ensure successful results of your Facebook ads.

What mistakes did you make while advertising on Facebook? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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