19 Instagram Tricks You Don’t Know About

It isn’t a secret that nowadays Instagram is a really powerful player in the social media world. And you feel like you aren’t an Instagram newbie anymore and want to learn more advanced tips and tricks that will be useful in using the Instagram app on a daily basis? If your answer is yes, so you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find some tips that will help to improve your experience and step up your Instagram app’s game.

1. See all the photo’s you’ve liked

For instance, if you need new ideas, some inspiration for your brand, why not look at your own likes? It’s possible to see approximately 300 posts that you’ve recently liked. This may be a great notification to see what captures your attention.

You should go to your Instagram profile. Then tap the gear icon on iOS or if you have Android press the three dots in the top-right corner and you will be in Options section. And after these steps tap Posts That You’ve Liked.

Note. The feature which was discussed above is only available on mobile app. However if you would like to see a list of recently liked posts on your desktop, then add Instagram to Hootsuite dashboard and set up a Like stream.

2. Clear search history

You’ve probably noticed that when search something, Instagram saves your search queries and suggests recent searches the next time you will be looking for users’ accounts, hashtags and etc. If you want to start searching with a blank list, give this hack a try.

You should go to your Instagram profile, then tap the gear icon on iOS or if you have Android press the three dots in the top-right corner and you will be in Options section. After that scroll to the page bottom and tap Clear Search History.

Note. You can hide individual accounts, places or hashtags, as well, in order to permanently remove from history and avoid them reappearing in search. In this case you should tap and hold the search you would like to delete and then tap Hide.

3. Add more than 30 hashtags

Here is a small loophole for those users who like to add huge amount hashtags under their posts. You need to follow the proper instructions to add up to 60 hashtags per photo which will give you much more exposure.

You should post the photo or video as usually you do and make sure that there are no hashtags under the post, because otherwise this trick won’t work. The next step will be to copy and paste 30 hashtags into a comment. Once this step is done, tap edit your photo caption and add another 30 hashtags.

4. Research hashtags for the posts

You may say that it is obvious which hashtags to put under the posts, but the easy and popular ones hashtags are overused and your posts will get lost in them. I mean the hashtags like #business can be relevant, however it has millions of photos.

Instead of this, you may use popular but not overused hashtags. All you have to do is to make a research and to write the beginning of a common hashtag and see which versions the Instagram suggests. For example, it can be #businesslife, #businesscasual etc. After making the research you will notice that these hashtags are better to use.

It can take some time, but you will see the great results and users’ engagement from this step.

5. Hide hashtags

Do you agree that a huge amount of hashtags under every post looks spammy? It also can look that you want attention. So, we will give an advice what to do.

You can easily hide hashtags by using “.” and spaces. You suggest to save these hashtags in notepad like you can see below.

#fashionlife #fashionableclothes #fashionblogger #fashiondaily

6. Save drafts of posts

Did you know about the opportunity to save posts as drafts? If no, we will tell you about it. In drafts you can save the photo and it’s caption.

In order to save a post’s draft, you need to upload a post as usually, edit it, add location, caption, etc. Then 2 times tap “<” icon in the top-left corner to go back. After that a pop-up menu will appear asking if you want to Save Draft or Discard it. In this case just click Save Draft and you’re done. The next time when you will be uploading a post, the saved drafts will appear.

7. Upload photos from the camera roll on Stories

If you think that you only have 24 hours to post photo on your Instagram story, you will be wrong! Don’t worry because there is no problem to post the photo later, all you need to do is take a screenshot of the photo and it will appear as a new one in your album. Actually the quality cannot be the best as of original photo, however it’s a really great workaround.

8. Mute Stories from certain users

It is no doubt that Instagram stories can be fun, but stories from a specific users you follow may be a bit irritating. In this case Instagram lets users to mute stories from certain users that they follow without pressing the button Unfollow. In order to mute any Instagram user, click and hold on their profile photo in the Stories bar which is on the top of the screen and then choose Mute user button.

Furthermore, you may also stop particular followers from viewing your stories. Simply open your Instagram profile’s settings and tap Story Settings section, then choose Hide story from and on this page select users you want to hide the stories from.

9. Mention users’ accounts in your Story

To tag someone in the Story is simple, all you have to do is to tap on a screen and type username like how you would do in a post’s caption (starting with “@” sign and then typing username). When you mention particular person in your Story, he/she gets a notification of being mentioned. What is more, your followers will be able to click and see user’s profile you mentioned.

10. Turn off commenting

If you have a type of content where you don’t want anyone to comment, we will tell you how to do it.
It is quite simple to switch off comments on Instagram. Just click on the “…” icon on the top-right corner of your post and tap Turn Off Commenting. After that no one can leave any comments on the post anymore.

11. Get more followers

Using hashtags such as #S4S or #SFS (means share for share) is perfect way to gain more Instagram followers and in this way extend your audience. How it works: you should find an account which is resembling yours with a similar audience and you approach them asking are they interested in trading a shout for a shout. If their answer is positive, both mention each other in your captions and stories.

Don’t doubt and try because this method helped a lot of Instagram users to get more followers. The only key is to find appropriate accounts.

12. Free analytics of Instagram profile

If you don’t want to pay money for some marketing analysis, you can just switch your account to Business Profile. Business Profile provides you with analytics about your followers, which will help to determine how well your posts are performing. Besides, this profile’s type includes a contact button which makes it easier for people to get in touch with you.

In order to switch to a Business Profile, you should go to your profile’s options and there click on Switch to Business Profile. Next, all you need to do is connect it to your Facebook page.

13. Get notified when your favourite Instagram user posts some feed

When you follow hundreds of Instagram accounts, it can be hard not to miss some important feed. In this case you may get notified whenever your favourite person, brand, etc. uploads something new. To activate this function, go to the users’ profiles about which you want to get notifications and tap on the “…” icon on the top-right corner of the screen. After that choose from pop-up menu Turn on Post Notifications.

14. Zoom in feature

Although Instagram added this function a while ago, but some users haven’t known about it yet. How you can do this is just performing a pinch to zoom gesture on an uploaded photo.

15. Only show approved tagged posts in a section Photos of You

Do you feel annoying when people tag you in photos that you don’t like or the ones that you aren’t a part of? What is more, everything becomes worse because Instagram shows all tagged photos in a section Photos of You of your profile. However you can easily solve this annoying problem by changing settings.

You should open Photos of You section, tap on the menu button on the top-right corner of the screen, from menu choose Tagging Options and select Add Manually.

16. Save other users’ posts

How many times was that you have seen the post and wanted to look at it again later? Now the Instagram solved this problem and luckily you can.

In order to save posts, tap the Bookmark icon on the lower-right side of the photo and then tap Save to a Collection. In order to create a collection, click “+” sign, give a name to a collection and tap Done and the photo will be added to your new collection.

Besides, you can make several collections based on various topics.

17. Add another account

Do want to have another account which will be only about your trips, hobby, family or something different than your personal account? Well, Instagram lets you to do this. Besides, you can have up to 5 accounts and Instagram links them, so you don’t need to log out from one account in order to log in into another, just switch accounts.

Linking accounts is very easy. You need to go into your Instagram profile menu, tap Add Account, after that just enter username and password details, done, now accounts are linked.

If you have question, how to switch from one account to another, then go to your Instagram profile, tap on your username and the pop-up menu with all linked account will appear, only you need just choose the account you want to switch to.

18. Archive posts

Probably there are the moments when you don’t want to delete the photos from Instagram, but want to prevent your employer or family members from seeing photos from night out, so there is a way out from this situation. You can archive these posts.

In order to do this, you have to go to the photo you want to hide, tap on the “…” icon on the top-right photo’s corner and choose Archive from appeared menu.

All your archived posts you can find going to your Instagram profile and clicking on the clock icon at the top of the screen.

Moreover, you may put the archived posts back on your profile’s gallery. All you need to do is tap the photo’s “…” icon and then tap Show on Profile.

19. Share Instagram posts on other platforms

Let’s say that you posted an amazing photo and you want your friends on Facebook or Twitter to see it, so you can easily do this. Just tap “…’’ icon and click Share button and after that choose Facebook or Twitter from the menu.

Note. It will only work if you link your Instagram account with other social media accounts. In order to do this, you have to go to your Instagram profile menu, click Linked Accounts and log into your social media accounts.

So, here you have read some tips about Instagram that will help you to make your experience wider. Now you are ready to try all these things by yourself.

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