12 Tips to Get More Youtube Video Views


What can you do with Youtube?

Let’s first see what Youtube has to offer. Youtube is a platform for uploading your videos. When people like your videos, they can subscribe to your channel. You will, therefore, have the opportunity to create your TV channel where people watch your programs when it comes to them.

Where can you use Youtube for?

As an artist or entrepreneur, Youtube is a handy promotional tool. By making movies showing you how to work, people get a picture of you.

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Many people find it fun and interesting to see how a piece of art is made or how to prepare for a performance. As an entrepreneur, you want to get a return from your YouTube video. You want those viewers to become customers of your business.

Of course, every viewer is not a client. However, the more viewers; The greater your chances of new customers for your business. Of course, you have to convert your video: viewers must become customers.

In this article, I will explain how to get more views on your YouTube videos:

1. Choose a smart username

You need to choose a captivating username, for example, the name of your band or gallery. This is important for search engine results. When someone seeks your act or photo, you want Youtube to appear on the first page for you to get enough engagement.

2. Making a movie

It’s important to make your videos personal. Speak occasionally in the camera like talking to someone in that way, your viewer feels appealing. It’s very nice for your viewers if the video is well understood and has an excellent picture quality. Also, make sure your movie is fun for the viewer. If your movie is fun/funny/interesting enough, people will pass it on.

3. Cut your video into pieces

Most entrepreneurs often make too much time YouTube videos. In itself, it’s good to share your knowledge but become annoying when taking so much time. Also, the viewer experiences your video as less valuable because the viewer is flooding through information. Cut your video in 10 minutes in pieces.

What topics have you dealt with in this long YouTube video? Create a precise and delimited YouTube video by topic. Of course, you have multiple subjects and multiple videos. You can then perfectly make a video series. The big advantage of this is that you make more separate video content and the chance is greater than one of the videos being found.

Also, another great advantage is that your video becomes much more understandable and easier to “consume” by the viewer. This creates a positive experience: the viewer will appreciate your video as well as watch the other videos of the video series.

4. Find out what the needs of your audience are

The audience may not view the most beautiful YouTube video. After all, if your audience does not search for the subject of your video, it does not provide viewers. So take a good look at the needs of your target audience. Where are they with? What problems do they have? What do they want to know?

The answers to the problems of your target audience are a pointer to what they need. So check out the many questions asked by phone, via email on Facebook, etc. What responses do you get on your blogs? What topics are often addressed by your customers when you talk to them?

Do research on YouTube yourself. Which videos your audience watches are famous too? Enter the main keyword you want to find in the search bar. See what additional suggestions are coming. Also, use the Google Keyword Planner. All this is to increase the chances of your videos been view by your audience.

5. Post a video on YouTube consistently

Try video on YouTube at least once a week. Use your video for a fixed day and a set time to make your video online. In YouTube, you can schedule videos. So you can make videos ready for a whole year.

The advantage of consistently posting a video is that you know YouTube subscribers when you post a video. This will increase the chance that customers will return to your YouTube channel the day you post a video there.

6. Apply an appealing title

The title of your YouTube video is (in addition to the thumbnail) the most critical surface of your video, with the Internet user deciding whether to watch your video.

The title must, therefore, generate curiosity. Invite to clicks. Please note that your title covers your video’s load and is not misleading. YouTube punishes misleading claims. Your video will then fall like a brick in the search results.

7. Create a great thumbnail

Thumbnail is the image of your video shown by search results. This is an important click factor. An appealing thumbnail is, therefore, a requirement to click. Also, the thumbnail must generate curiosity.

So grab the attention: because that is the only way to get the views.

8. Share your YouTube video

Share your YouTube video on social media. Send a mailing to people on your mailing list, in which you make a clickable link to the video.

Also, apply your video to your blog on your website. Apparently, you will share viewers on your video. However, with a valuable video, your followers are likely to share, for example, Twitter, your message.

9. Hold the viewer

Your video must be viewed more to have higher search results. The higher your video is in search results, the more viewers and views your video draws.

10. Do Not Forget Your Social Buttons

Social buttons; almost every organization has them on the website. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn often occur, but the YouTube button is often forgotten for unclear reasons.

If you are currently marketing a new corporate website, put the Youtube button on your checklist immediately.

11. Add potential viewers with fan finder

Via YouTube, you can aim to increase engagement among your potential viewers. YouTube’s free Fan Finder lets you quickly connect with new “fans.”

You need a channel ads as a marketer. YouTube then displays this ad as a TrueView ad that can be skipped by the potential fan after five seconds. A good channel ad is an enthusiastic introduction of your business through an attractive preview of your videos.

12. Promotion Methods for More Viewers on Youtube

Use AdWords for video

AdWords for video lets you create and display video ads. The big advantage of AdWords for video is that you as a marketer can decide where and when your video ad is being shown and, no matter what it is, who sees them.

For example, based on demographic data, you can approach your target audience very highly. An additional advantage: AdWords for video is very user-friendly.

Advertise on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook with videos is possible. When you make a video ad, Facebook users will see them back in their news summary.

A video may take up to fifteen seconds and will start automatically if the user moves his cursor over. A significant occurrence is that you can ‘target’ very focused, for example by gender and age.

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