11 Best YouTube Video Content Ideas

youtube video content ideas

Some people can think that being a YouTuber is only fun, however, a lot of time and hard work needs to be devoted in order to make your YouTube channel successful. In other words, success means your ability to grab YouTube audience’s attention and keep them engaged using an informative and entertaining video content.

Now you should understand why success on YouTube is really challenging.

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What is more, you can be surprised at how quickly you may run out of ideas for your YouTube channel’s content. However, if it has already happened and you are struggling on what to make your YouTube videos about, then you came to the right place.

Today I am going to present you a list of the best YouTube video content ideas that should evoke your creativity. These 11 ideas will be separated into four main parts, such as ideas for beginners, building your audience and for driving sales.

Let’s start!

YouTube video ideas for beginners

1. Introduce yourself

If you are just started with your YouTube channel, it is undoubtedly a great idea to make a first video where you introduce yourself. So, create an informative introductory YouTube video in order to provide your audience with an information about who you are, what you do and what kind of video you are going to upload on your channel.

 As it is known that people subscribe to various YouTube channels because they are charmed with the stories of these brands, so it means that sharing your own story is a must thing.

Why? The answer is simple. When users who didn’t hear about your YouTube channel or even about your brand and they come through, so, a video which introduces yourself and welcomes audience to your channel in an engaging way is considered as a great reason to induce users to hit the “Subscribe” button.

However, if you are getting nervous in front of a camera, then don’t think that this ideas is not for you. Instead of putting yourself in a spotlight, use other methods to tell about yourself. For instance, use some elements of texts and photos.

By creating this type of video, you will not only build your brand’s identity, but also attract audience and encourage them to become your YouTube channel’s subscriber.

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2. Behind the scenes

Let your audience get to know you better by taking them behind the scenes.

It means that your task is to show your YouTube channel’s viewers how you prepare for your videos and record them. So, it is advised to draw audience’s attention on all key steps that are crucial in producing your high-quality video content.

Actually, in your behind the scenes videos you can show the audience your room, home, office or any other place that is related to your brand’s activity and will evokes viewers’ interest.

Overall, these videos will help you to humanize your brand, in other words, you make your audience know that there are real people behind the brand and, consequently, build trust of your audience.

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3. Take a peek in my life

While thinking what content to create for your YouTube videos, don’t ignore an opportunity to let your audience take a peek into your life.

This type of YouTube video provides people with a chance to see and understand what a day in your life might be like.

Maybe you are a popular influencer and your everyday is like engaging stories from a film? Then, begin recording your video when you wake up in the morning, how you get ready and take your YouTube audience through all your typical day in your routine.

YouTube video ideas for making your channel discoverable

4. Tutorials

Although tutorial or in other words, how-to videos are the most popular and common types of videos you can find on YouTube, however, it doesn’t mean you need to skip it and try to use something more unique.

The topic possibilities while making tutorial videos are unlimited.

Believe me or not, but there is a big audience who is trying to keep up with challenging new tools and processes out there and in this case these people are really dependent on tutorials. So, don’t miss a chance and create a how-to video related to your brand or its’ industry and, consequently, you will increase the likelihood of your YouTube videos being discovered in the searches and boost amount of your subscribers.

All in all, in the YouTube tutorials provide your audience with special knowledge to help them learn something and in return you will receive the loyal subscribers who will be impatiently waiting for your new content to appear on a channel.

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5. Explainer video

Explainer YouTube videos are considered as a quick and easy method to introduce your product, service or your brand as a whole.

If you are searching for the best ways on how to display characteristics of your products or services to your target audience and encourage them to make a purchase, then create and upload the explainer video on your YouTube channel.

Moreover, if you want to give an understandable clarification of difficult, trending subjects within your industry, use an illustrated explainers or in other words, whiteboard videos. In this way, you will be able to turn complex ideas into simple and interesting concepts and, consequently, attract audience’s attention and make your video content more visible in YouTube searches.

6. Answers to FAQ

Once you have built up some interest of your YouTube channel and increased amount of subscribers, it is time to make your YouTube channel’s videos more attractive and noticeable in searches.

It is advised to share comprehensive responses to the frequently asked questions in a video format. So, make a list of the repetitive questions received from the audience about your business area or your brand and dedicate your YouTube video answering those questions.

In this way, you will make your audience feel like you, as a brand, pay attention to the subscribers, as well as help to save users’ time while they are trying to find out answers to some issues related to your brand or it’s industry.

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YouTube video ideas for building your audience

7. Live-streaming

Live-streaming videos are a great way to take your audience along for a ride in real life that, consequently, will assist you in driving more people to your YouTube channel and boosting your subscribers’ base.

Don’t doubt in effectiveness of this type of YouTube video. Better, go live on YouTube and bring your audience to the event with you or just organize a meeting with your subscribers, tell them about experiences and answer all your viewers’ questions.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use YouTube live videos when you are launching your brand’s new products. In this case, invite audience to participate in the presentation about your latest product, encourage them to ask questions. However, don’t forget to provide your viewers with responses and argumentation why this product is useful to them. Therefore, it is most likely that you will make a positive influence on audience’s purchase behavior.

Overall, usage of live-streaming YouTube videos provides you with an opportunity to engage with your audience and induce them to press the “Subscribe” button.

8. Contest

how to organize successful contest on youtube

Organizing a contest or in other words, giveaway is a powerful method to catch attention of a new audience and interact with existing ones. What is more, contests help you to increase your brand awareness and get tons of engagement.

In order to receive more successful results from your contest, ensure that you suggest a prize, which your YouTube audience will find relevant and valuable.

Undoubtedly, anyone would participate in a contest to win the latest Iphone, however, it doesn’t mean that you should offer expensive things. It is more important to evoke audience’s interest and induce them to engage by suggesting a symbolic reward.

Eventually, you may build the partnerships with brands and receive freebies from them that later can be used as the rewards for your giveaways.

What is more, don’t forget to write the clear rules of your YouTube contest, then the right audience will be attracted to take a participation.

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9. Collaboration

If you want to stand out from a crowd of other engaging YouTube content, draw attention of a new audience, then YouTube collaborations are considered as a great way to do it.

Team up with other YouTubers in your industry, whose audience is similar to yours and gain your brand’s exposure.

Actually, a YouTube collaboration can be made in the different forms. For instance, you may arrange a live-stream video and answer to audience’s questions. Also you can organize a tutorial together or agree to create a content for each other’s YouTube channels, or just provide each other with shoutouts in video content you upload on YouTube.

Overall, while cross promoting with other YouTubers, you need to ensure that you make a great first impression on a new audience, because a chance to speak to these people cannot come around again.

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YouTube video ideas for driving sales

10. Product reviews

When people are doubting which brand’s product to choose, what do they do? You are right, they look for reviews!

Product reviews are an easy and effective YouTube video content idea, because this kind of video not only attracts viewers, but also provides potential customers with more detailed information about your products and helps to make a purchase decision.

So, create an informative YouTube video where you present the viewers with your product’s advantages and disadvantages and give a reason why it is worth to buy it. In this way, you will drive traffic to your website, increase sales and most likely turn your YouTube channel’s viewers into loyal customers.

11. Customer’s testimonials

Uploading customer’s testimonials on your YouTube channel is considered as one of the most powerful ways to receive new customers and boost sales.

Why? Just because this type of video provides social proof and helps to build the trust of your audience.

What is more, audience perceives customer’s testimonials as a more reliable way to hear about the products rather than a brand promotes the products itself.  It happens because these videos show how real people benefited from your brand.

Don’t ignore this video content idea, because if potential customers are interested in your product and you present them with a great customer’s testimonials YouTube video, then it is most likely that these people will make a purchase.

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Wrapping everything up, today 11 different YouTube video content ideas were presented, in order to help you to get inspiration while thinking what to upload on your YouTube channel.

However, remember that YouTube is not something that will happen overnight. You have to devote your time and effort to create informative and engaging content and attract the right audience. 

Do you have some other ideas for a YouTube video content? Share them in the comments’ section below!

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