10 Tips on How to Get Many Followers on Instagram

How to Get Many Followers on Instagram

Hey you, yes you! A lot business owners asks themselfs – how to get MANY followers on Instagram. Aren’t you curious why you have Instagram account where your uploaded photos only get a few likes from a handful of Instagram followers? Don’t you want your photos to become one of the 80 million pictures posted each day on Instagram. Don’t you want your account to get more Instagram followers?

There are really good news that acquiring more followers on Instagram isn’t difficult. It only takes time and a little bit of effort. Whether it is done correctly, you will gain massive following on your Instagram very quickly.

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So, let’s discuss the 10 BEST WAYS on how to get many followers on Instagram!

1. Interesting and complete bio

In order to make you profile more attractive, you should fill out you biography which will be used as a call-to-action and it is a really big deal for the new Instagram users. In your bio you should tell who you are or what your brand is and why people should follow you. Don’t forget to update your bio when something has changed.

2. Photos’ filters

What make Instagram popular and attractive? Exactly, the right answer is filters. Filters let people a chance to personalize their photos. The more original and eye-catching your photos are, the more likely that other users will like your photos and follow your account. According to Track Maven’s Fortune 500 Instagram Report, the best filter is Mayfair.

3. Share photos other people will relate to

If you take a look at the most popular Instagram profiles, you’ll notice that all the images are something most people relate to and connect with. People’s photos are original, unique and individual. When you share these types of photos, you make a connection with the audience which is good way to attract people to your account. What is more, be sure that your Instagram profile is original, interesting and authentic. Think about every detail when you share photos, in this way you will connect to other Instagram users.

4. Post photos at the right time

Before you share images on Instagram, you should consider at what time the majority of your audience is active on Instagram.Many of people log in when they have an extra time, for instance such a first thing in the morning, on a way from studies or work, on Sundays when people relax before busy workweek. Usually, an uploaded photo has only 4 hours before it will get lost within the other users photos. In this case, try to post a photo when a majority of followers are active on Instagram, in afternoon during a lunch break or in the evening approximately from 19 to 21.

5. Use popular hashtags

In order to find trendy hashtags which are used by others, you can search Webstagram or even Google. Using popular and relevant hashtags, you can gain more visibility to photos and will give more interactions. As an example, the TOP 5 hashtags #instagood, #me, #like, #follow, #picoftheday. Although hashtags is significant tool attracting new followers and getting likes, you shouldn’t use a lot of them because it can seem spammy, but try to select one to ten hashtags.

6. Follow other users

This one gives siginificant impact on your social account growth. So if you are still interested in how to get many followers on Instagram, then you need to pay attention to this one. Instead of just uploading photos and expecting that other users will follow you, you should go and follow them. In other words, you should be active. It is the main rule of reciprocation which is very popular in social media. Follow famous Instagram users, brands and engage with them or even give the shout-out. It is simple – the more you engage on social media, the more you will receive.

7. Comment and ask questions in photos’ captions

An efficient way on how to get many followers on Instagram is to ask questions in the photos’ captions. This will not only increase likes and number of followers but it can increase comments.
And as it mentioned before, engagement is very important in order to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

8. Upload photos frequently however not too much

In order to keep followers’ interest, you should post attractive and relevant pictures frequently, usually up to 3 photos per day is fine. In other way if you upload too many photos and in this way flood your followers’ feed, you will not make your Instagram profile unattractive but people will unfollow you.

9. Host contest

One of the effective ways to increase engagement and get new followers is by hosting a contest. What you should do: take an amazing photo and add captions which will inform other users there is a contest underway. Besides, use hashtags to make your contest easier for others to find.

10. Promote your Instagram account

Don’t forget other important thing – do not concentrate only on how to get many followers on Instagram, also promote your account on other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, etc. It will make your Instagram account more noticeable and probably increase amount of Instagram followers.

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