10 Stunning Instagram Theme Ideas For Faster Growth

Have you ever considered what Instagram feed’s theme to choose in order to make a great impression on your audience? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. The great way to do it is to get inspiration from enormous variety of Instagram themes, choose one that suits your brand’s or personality’s profile and implement it.

It is important to notice that you need to use Instagram themes to improve your brand’s aesthetic on Instagram, however, not to completely change it.

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Applying a cohesive Instagram theme makes your feed look attractive and encourage your audience to click the “Follow” button.

I am going to present you 10 stunning Instagram theme ideas to inspire your feed’s transformation.

Before I go into different types of Instagram themes, let’s discuss what is an Instagram theme and why do you need it.

An Instagram theme is the general appearance of your Instagram feed. Applying an Instagram theme means that one or more visual elements are consistently used all over your Instagram profile. It can be one color, similar image style, one type of borders or patterns in your Instagram feed.

A cohesive Instagram feed will not only put each unique piece of a content together enhancing your profile’s aesthetic, but also will help to boost an engagement level of existing followers, make a great first impression on potential followers, increasing the chances that new users will follow you.

What is more, an Instagram theme assists you in creating your brand’s personality and growing it’s awareness. A unique Instagram theme allows an audience to easily recognize your brand while they are scrolling through the feed.

Sounds good, isn’t it?

Actually, if you use the right tools and apply a consistent concept, creating a theme for your Instagram feed shouldn’t be difficult.

If you are stuck on which type of theme you would like to use on your own Instagram feed, then take a look at a list of 10 stunning Instagram theme ideas below!

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1. Clean background

Clean white background is considered as a powerful method in order to highlight details without any interruptions. If you choose this kind of theme, it will help you to immediately grab audience’s attention and direct their eyes to the main object on your Instagram post.

Especially this clean background theme will effectively work for your Instagram feed if your images contain homeware products, dishes or jewelry with a lot of colors and details.

In order to make this theme work for you, think about a photo set, space with absolutely white background and good lightening. So, in this case you will cut down on long editing time and draw people’s attention exactly on the picture’s subject.

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2. Black & white

If you believe that black and white theme can be too boring and will not attract your Instagram audience, you are wrong!

Monochrome is a classy theme, which always is a great method to make your Instagram feed look cohesive. By choosing a black and white theme you are able to bring feelings of sophistication.

How to make a black and white Instagram feed work for you? Increase a contrast in your images and add clear structure. Remember, when colors are removed from your Instagram posts, it is important to compensate it with something that will catch audience’s attention, like structure and strong lines.

Monochrome theme is considered as the perfect one for street photography and portraits because it helps to show the rawness of image’s object.

3. Bright whites

This bright whites theme will undoubtedly work for you if your photos are captured in a white, bright space with a natural light. In order to create this light look with pops of color and details on your images, use highlights or bright editing filters.

This theme turns your Instagram profile into fresh and airy, helps to attract audience’s attention and encourage them to engage with your posts.

4. Consistent single color palette

If you look at various popular Instagram profiles, you will probably notice a same color theme across all content. Although a color palette can change a little bit with time, however, consistency here is more important.

It is advised to select a consistent single color and build your content around it. In this case, you will organize your feed to look cohesively and improve the overall aesthetic of your Instagram account.

To make your Instagram content stand out in the newsfeed and increase number of followers, apply this theme as it allows you to choose any color that you think matches your brand the best and focus on it.

5. White borders

This theme can take a little bit more time to edit your photos, but the white borders between each Instagram post help to create space in your images.

Although this white borders theme is simple, however, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. It also assists you in making your Instagram content stand out from the crowd.

Actually, when Instagram supported only square posts, borders have become a method of avoiding cropping landscape and portrait pictures. Now using borders is regarded as one of the best Instagram layouts in order to create a simple clean look.

To add borders around your photos, you need to download a photo-editing app, such as VSCO, Snapseed or Instasize. Before adding borders, just ensure that all your Instagram feed’s images are cropped in the same way (square, portrait or landscape). In this way you will create a symmetrical look.

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6. Horizontal or vertical lines

Another option to grab audience’s attention and encourage them to scroll through your content is by organizing a pattern with horizontal or vertical lines across your Instagram feed.

In order to successfully apply this theme on your feed, you need to group 3 matching images and plan them in advance. These 3 pictures can be the same color or style pictures, photos at the same time and place, but with some different elements.

What is more, it is recommended to make a clear contrast between each images’ row. Then this theme will look really outstanding.

7. Checkerboard layout

If you aren’t a fan of horizontal or vertical lines, you can try a checkerboard theme. Similarly to horizontal or vertical lines, this theme lets you alternate different type of images.

For example, uploading images with quotes in your Instagram feed is a perfect way to switch things up and make your feed more inspirational.

So, after every second photo you can add an image with motivational quotes. In this case you will draw audience’s attention to the particular posts and induce visitors of your Instagram profile to scroll and explore your content.

8. Minimalist

If you believe that the less is more, then minimalist theme is the way to go! This type of themes makes your whole Instagram feed look well organized and elegant. Then your Instagram posts will attract with their simplicity and invoke audience’s sense of peace and stability.

Moreover, Instagram feeds of minimalist theme are less diverting attention, so it should be easier to show a true sense of your brand just from the whole Instagram feed without clicking on a separate post.

In order to apply minimalism on your Instagram feed, it is advised to avoid images with patterned or colorful backgrounds, instead use warm, dusky filters and choose photos with clean lines and central focus points.

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9. Pastel colors

Pastel theme’s warm colors help to make your Instagram feed dreamy and inspiring.

It is advised to decrease highlights and use more blacks to create a flat, lightly faded look of your Instagram feed’s images. To provide your Instagram feed with a sense of calmness and loveliness, use colors, like lavender, rose, olive green and baby blue.

Pastels theme is considered as a great choice if your Instagram feed contains images of nature, as well as, fashion and beauty brands.

10. Puzzle

If you want to try something new and extraordinary, then apply a puzzle grid theme. With a puzzle Instagram theme each photo square is a piece of a larger image. When you look at a whole Instagram feed of 9 grid, you can see an entire image.

Don’t be lazy to try this theme, because if you do everything carefully and right, then your Instagram feed will look really eye-catchy. However, it is recommended to use this type of theme if you want to display a big announcement about some of your brand’s events, rather than just to show simple photos.

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Wrapping everything up, while applying any of today discussed theme ideas as a starting off point for improving your Instagram profile, don’t think that you are copying. Although the theme idea can be the same, however, the theme will look differently and uniquely with your Instagram posts.

So, choose the theme, which matches your brand the most, implement it and you will notice that your content stands out from the crowd and attracts an audience.

Do you consider trying any of these Instagram themes? Which one seems the best for you? Let me know in the comments!

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