10 Most Popular Twitter Hashtags of 2020

If you are using Twitter, then most probably you should be using hashtags. If you are not including them into your tweets, at least you use them to search for related content and certain topics.

Overall, Twitter hashtags are a great feature to use if you want to get more engagement and gather more followers. Several researches stated that some hashtags can bring you over 1000% (10x) engagement compared to tweets without hashtags! Hashtags help your Twitter tweets to be discovered not only by your followers, but other audience too.

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To get the best results from hashtags, you should know which are the most popular ones and use them more frequently.

In this article you are going to learn what are the most popular Twitter hashtags of 2020 that will boost your tweet engagement level.

Let’s get started!

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10 most popular Twitter hashtags of 2020

how to use twitter hashtags effectively

You can find a lot of different lists of hashtags online. However, some hashtags may get you more likes, some may get you more retweets.

This particular list includes 10 of the most popular Twitter hashtags which will bring you the most engagement overall. Start to use them today and you will see instant increase in engagement level!

1. #tbt

2. #love

3. #funny

4. #giveaway

5. #win

6. #thankful

7. #tuesdaymotivation

8. #motivationmonday

9.  #tbh

10. #fridayfeeling

Try to use these 10 hashtags whenever appropriate, don’t overuse them and don’t stuff them when unnecessary. I shouldn’t explain that you can’t use #fridayfeeling hashtag on saturday, right?

These hashtags will help your tweets to get discovered not only by your followers, but other people too. Cheers!

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Now you know the 10 most popular Twitter hashtags of 2020. I hope that you will start using them from now on in your Twitter marketing strategy. If you have any other questions, leave a comment down below!

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