10 Most Efficient Ways to Get more YouTube Video Views

Do you agree that getting people to watch your videos on Youtube isn’t always easy? Do you agree that if you don’t have a big number of connections or in other words, subscribers, it can be really hard to get substantial views? We bet that you strongly agree!

Furthermore, probably you are dealing with occasions when heavyweights invest tens of thousands euros in various advertising campaigns in order to get millions of views, other people use their subscribers or partners to promote the videos or even others use viral marketing and try their luck. However is that really a great way to get Youtube video views?

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Below you can find 10 efficient ways which should help to get more views on your Youtube videos and save your channel from becoming a flop.

1. Focus on quality

As you understood that no one wants to watch the lame video. Before uploading and spending time and effort on promoting video, be sure that it will be interesting, eye catching to your friends. One of the most important things is to put effort and make an amazing video because only the appealing and entertaining video will keep viewers watching, craving, sharing and telling other people about your video.

To make people interested is very simple, just show your emotions and experience visually and make it acoustically stunning. In order to accomplish it, you need to grab the right equipment, devote your time in editing video adding special effects and have at least one friend who can rate your video. What is more, making video don’t forget that the viewers have a 10 second attention span, it is very significant. Besides add the background music and make pauses in your speech.

2. Optimize the video

To start with, we would like to say that having an eye catching video title, its’ description and tags will bring huge difference to your video. Furthermore, don’t forget to make thumbnail which will arouse curiosity and users want to click on your video!

The video title should be as short as possible and hit the audience. Also it should describe your video and use keywords in title which can help you to get hits.

When you write a description, don’t forget about totality, we mean that you need to provide audience with everything they need to know about your it video. Also, think about keywords which will help viewers to find the video. In description it will be useful to put link to your website or social media account.

Using tags which are keywords and help people to find the video. When you use tags, the video will not only show up in search but it will be in a suggested video section where viewers watch similar video.

And the last one, but not least is video thumbnail which is the first important thing most viewers notice. So, as it was mentioned it should grab attention!

3. Share the video

Don’t hesitate and after uploading and optimizing video – share it. You can share through Facebook, Twitter, Email or your website if you have it. Sharing video is not only a great way to make people watch your video but also get feedback from them. It is worth to know if it is a success or a failure and what improvements you should make in order to make the next video more appealing.

4. Use forums and Reddit

Another great way to get more views is to share your video on various forums and of course Reddit. Believe it or not, however there are a lot of different forums with millions of members who can bring you more views.

5. Blogging and SEO

This activity is we can say fun, but requires some work to do. First of all, blogging is popular way to get exposure for things online. What you should do, it is search for the blogs that are more relevant to your field and contact with them. They could write an article about your video or just post it and you get views.

What is more, SEO is when you get your video ranked high on search results on Google and Youtube as well. In order to make your video be ranked well, you need to optimize the video as it was mentioned earlier. And after that you can look at yourself, you are SEO specialist. Simple isn’t it?

6. Word of mouth

One of the best ways to get more views to your video is word of mouth. It means that people should talk, share and recommend to others your video using social media websites. In order to make it work, you can ask for help your friends, family or even colleagues.

7. Buy views

As you probably know that there are a lot of websites where people sell Youtube views, but you should remember that some of them can sell you fake views. Avoid these ones. There are other companies which can promote your video to real people using social media channels, such as www.FreewaySocial.com

8. Find a partner

In this part we would like to say that the excellent way to get more views is to find a person who works in a similar field and be partners. He or she could share your video in the channels he/she uses and in this way you could not only get views but also new subscribers.

9. Use Youtube In-Stream advertising

If you have a budget, it is a great way to use Youtube In-Stream advertising. In this way to can target the audience by age, gender, interests, geography and have the video paly before other videos as an advertisement. The views which you will get through Ads will count as your new real views and you will know exactly what your target audience is.

10. Don’t give up

Remember the simple rule, you should not give up even your first video is a failure. Take time, focus video quality, if you get some feedback try to make improvements and show your best. You just need to put efforts and you will see that it was worth it!

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